Monday, June 18, 2018

Spur of the Moment

It was a rough parenting week a few weeks ago, and to combat the depressing feeling that nothing would ever be right in the world again, I decided it was time to sew. So I got out any fabric that I had in the stash that looked like it would go together. It was time to use up anything and everything I could.

Turns out I had lots that would work together. I simply cut strips or squares with it all, straightening out the edges and randomly slicing bigger pieces wherever I felt like it. Then with almost no plan at all, I sat at Sally and sewed. It was lovely to bring some order into the world in the totally random construction that was this quilt top.

After a bit of sewing, I did lay out what I had and did some organising. I realised I had some nice pieces of the beautiful Crib Companions print (that I had previously used to make this dress), so I placed them out as features and padded them out to be roughly the same size so I could join things together easily. Shout out again to my friend Rachelle's work at Crib Companions, she did all of the artwork of those beautiful animals with their party balloons.

I had a fair bit of fabric left, so I added a strip set on the edge to us it up and make the quilt that little bit bigger. Sorry about the photos, I feel like they are really dark, afternoon in the winter is a shady time of year for photography. Again, as with many of my scrap fabric creations, I love looking at this quilt and seeing the different fabrics and thinking about their history.

I love the random stuff I can see, like the flying geese blocks (that's the yellow and pink triangle ones) from the Block of the Month Quilt I made in 2013. I had heaps of those left over, because after making them, I decided I didn't like them. I used some up here, in this cot bumper, but I still had some random ones left. They are used now!

There are quite a few fabrics that were left over from that Block of the Month Quilt, as well as some some from the mermaid tails I made for the girls dolls, some cloud print that I'd used as lining for this dress, some of the plain fabric from making these baby quilts, some of the pink and strawberry check is from the supreme shorts that I made last year. On the edges, that Japanese doll fabric my mum has used to make a dress for Sophie for too. Some of the fabric was simply gifted to me in 2013 when I made a slew of quilts for church. Ahh fabric memories, that I guess mean almost nothing to you... sorry I'm nostalgic. 

Anyway, quilt top finished in two days, ready to be sandwiched and bound in the future. When I look at it, I think it's perfect for a baby girl, but who knows when one of those will come along (and certainly not from me!) For now, something beautiful has been made in a world that all too often is full of rubbish, and I am happy once again.

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