Monday, May 29, 2006

hello me, i'm waiting for time to pass again, and maybe if i wait long enough, all of time will pass and i won't have to wait any more. My godmother came over to see me tonight, she was in the neighbour hood, which is very rare, but it was good to see her. She comes from Billawheeler (no idea how to spell that) which is the town outside Thangool (again with the spelling) which is where Nick comes from. Ahh the small town country stories. :)

Today at Wishart Community Outside School Hours Care i was on the oval with Carl, but we had enough supervisors (with the extra two we get on mondays to take the kids through soccar and softball (government funded programs to help make kids active)) that Carl left me with the walkie talkie and the role :P *sigh* he's another one of thoes people that i have met that really likes to push me to my "potential". I did a good job, only missed one name, repreimaded a heap of boys, consoled hurt children, tied up shoe laces, practiced waltzing and played hide and seek with a preschooler. It was a fun day. :)

Thoughts recently have included money, education and potential. Saving money for "the future" is all well and good, but everything in this world is going to fade. What is the point of conintually working and working and working for money to save save save? Saving is good, but it's of this world. Why tie myself to here? I don't belong here at all, I belong in Heaven. Hence i have made the decision that i need to use my savings to get people to MYC, because if that's not a worthy cause, i don't know what is. :P

Education, so many people teach you things in life and i have found recently, that the people who really push me to do the best i can, often help me more than the people who just let me sit back. At the same time, if everyone pushed me, i would go insane :P I need balance, but i also need to help encourage other people to be the best they can be. :) I guess this is a two in one thing, because in all the places i have been pushed to my potential, it's been in roles of education... weather it is at after school care, or just in leading bible studies... education... God, if that is where you want me, that is where i am going...

Well despite the end of this being all very ... not as great as i first thought it would be, it's ok because it was all mostly because i was distracted by people talking to me, meaning i wans't waiting any more. Bye!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Woah, Jesus is so cool.

So... I'm really realived that my music/japanese assignments/exams/orals are all over :) ... fiona just told me she is reading a book. I think i might faint. I'm really tired. man this is very disorginised.

So today, i went to uni, saw Melissa, went to work, fell asleep on the bus, found the guitar book i want, came home, had dinner, felt really tired and thought "I should do something" but i feel that i have done so much today that i don't have the energy left and if miss Kelman turns up for a singing lesson, i will need all my energy to sing. :P

I called,
You answered,
And you came to my rescue
and I
I want to be where you are

almost forgot how much it took for Jesus to come and get me. It took him so much, to leave home and come down here and wait 30 years for the right time, and then spend 3 years trying to tell people that he was there to save them not to mention the pain he went thru when the very people he came to save decided to kill him. All he wanted was to be with us. To break down the barrier of sin that blocks our connection to God.

You did so much to be with me Lord. Thank you.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Oh man i am so so hungry. :P this music assignment is driving me mad. Dam castrati. :P

ANYWAY the best news ever is that I GOT A NEW JOB!!!! YEAH!!! praise God for answered prayer!!

Went for an interview yesterday with the after school care for my old primary school and I GOT THE JOB!! ti was really good. It sounds like they are fairly understaffed - hence the wish for me to start TODAY - but man i can't wait!! no more weekday donuts! only Saturdays to contend with now! :D

Got to work yesterday, 2 hours early, so i start working on my music assignment. half an hour later, cassie calls me and says "do you know how to fix the donut machene?" ... i'm like *sigh* so i go in and start trying to fix it, but it is really broken. i call shaun, no ansewr, call up stairs, no answer. walk up stairs get donuts, try shaun again, no answer. up stairs to get more donuts all the while thinking - if i get the call back form the afterschool care place, this could be the last thrusday that i have to deal with stuff like this on. shaun came in after i'd actually started and asked me why i didnt call him :P anyway, i told him i had a new job and he said that he had a phone call but the line was really bad and he couldn't give me a good enough rap :P 8-)

I think he is sorta ok to see me go cos i'm getting old now :P and even thoguh he fired a girl 2 days ago, sam is coming back so i guess he feels fairly ok abou tit all :P

Thanks to God for gettign me this new job, Praying that it all goes well and even if it is hard i'll learn heaps and enjoy it.

does anyone else notice this is the second exciting thing to happen to me in a while and is connected with education...?? my thoughts exactly. lets see how this goes... maybe God wants me to be an educator...

and now, back to the music assignment :P

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

One of the coolest things about Monday was watching "A Snoodle's tale" in the morning. The volleyball was great fun too, but this is what i remembered most of all. Here is an expert of it. (I've typed the whole thing if you are interested ;) )

He thought of the Snoodles, he thought of the tower,
He thought of the bell that would chime on the hour.
He thought of his pack, and his very long walk,
He thought it so loudly, he heard his thoughts talk.

“Hello!” said his thoughts, “You’ve made quite a climb,”
“That voice,” he remarked, “doesn't sound much like mine.”
Then he turned and he noticed that he wasn't alone,
For a man stood behind, near a cave in the stone.

He looked like a Snoodle, though quite a bit bigger,
“Maybe a giant,” the small Snoodle figured.
“I’m going!” the Snoodle boy said with a huff,
“And don’t paint a picture, I’ve got quite enough!”

“But first, come inside,” the man said, “Have some tea,”
“I’m so very pleased that you’re visiting me.”
The Snoodle boy stopped, though he’d only gone inches,
And stared at the stranger he’d found on Mt Ginches.

He didn’t seem angry, in fact, he looked kind.
The poor little boy was confused, “Are you blind?”
“I’m puny, I’m silly, I’m not all that smart,
I can’t use my wings and I’m no good at art.”
The stranger leaned down, with a pain in his heart

“Who told you these things?” he asked, “How do you know?”
“These pictures I have in my pack tell me so.”
The small Snoodle sniffled, and started to go,

“First, if you please, let me look at this art,
That makes your pack heavy, and weighs down your heart.”
Then picture by picture, he unpacked the bag,
That weighed down the Snoodle and made his wings sag.

“Dear boy,” said the man, “These look nothing like you,”
Then into the fire, the pictures he threw!
He rose from his chair saying: “Wait there, you’ll see,
That what you need most, is a picture from me!”
The Snoodle sat patiently, sipping his tea,

Then from a room in the back he returned
And said, “Dear little Snoodle, it’s time that you learned,
What you really look like,”

And he took off the sheet, and what the boy saw,
Warmed him right to his feet.

The boy in the portrait looked older and strong,
With wings on his back, that were sturdy and long,
And a look in his eye, both courageous and free;
“Sir,” asked the boy, “Are you saying, that's me?”

“I’d like to believe it, but sir, I’m afraid to,”
“But I know who you are,” the man said, “for I made you.”

“I built the tower, set it in motion,
I planted the meadow, put fish in the ocean.
And I feed the finches, though most Snoodles doubt it,
Not one of them falls that I don't know about it.”

“I’ve seen you fall down in the mud and the goo,
I’ve seen all you have done, and all you will do!
I gave you your pack, and your paints and your wings,
I choose them for you, they’re your special things.”

“The Snoodle kazoo is so you can sing,
About colours in autumn, or flowers in spring.
I gave you your brushes, in hopes that you’d see,
How using them, you could make pictures, for me.”

“Most of the Snoodle’s,” the old one said sadly,
“Just use their paints, to make others feel badly.”
The young Snoodle pondered the things he’d be told,
The wondering something, grew suddenly bold.

“But sir, if you made this incredible land,
Can’t you make Snoodle’s obey your command?”
The big one smiled warmly and said to the small,
“A gift that's demanded, is no give at all.”

With that the small Snoodle reached into his pack,
And pulled out the picture he’d made ten miles back.
“They’re far lilies sir, from over the bridge.”
The old one beamed bright and said: “That’s for my fridge!”

After the small Snoodle’s picture was hung,
The old one bent down to the face of the young.
He said: “Here’s what you look like, here’s how I see you.
Keep this in your pack, and you’ll find it will free you,

“From all of the pictures, and all of the lies,
That others made up, just to cut down your size.
And lastly, your wings, you know what they’re for,
But not just to fly son, I want you to soar!”

“But sir,” said the Snoodle, “how can I fly?
This picture’s so big, I won't get very high.”
“But this picture is special, its bigger, its brighter,
Carry it close and I think you’ll feel lighter.”