Sunday, December 28, 2008

I am so married. :D

I love being married. I love having my own house, getting to cook and clean when I want. It's wonderful. I love having a husband - it's still funny to wake up and find i'm having breakfast with the same person every day. I feel a bit like this is just like a holiday - but the exciting thing is that it will never end! Ok maybe the happyness and new-ness of it all will fade, (mostly because everything that is new becomes old...) but it really is fantastic. :)

Things that I remember from the wedding day:

1) No matter how much people say "this is the bride's day" it is only the bride's day untill she has to get driven to the church. Then the drivers and dad's get a power trip out of deciding exactly when they will be leaving - and it's sometimes not what is wanted.

2) Yes it is a serious day, but make the most of it! You only get one --> my most faviourte parts of the actual service are Steve and I High-Fiving and me fixing his bow tie. :) yay!

3) Get the formal part of the reception out of the way so you can chat to people --> this was the best thing that Steve and I decided to do. I loved being able to dance and mingle and just have a party at the reception. :)

Thanks to everyone who was and wasn't there. It is awesome to know that people wanted to see us get married. Good and happy times.

Recently, i've also managed to graduate!! (I seem to be doing so many crazy and grown up things recently! I'm not sure how that works!) I donned the gown (and the kimono) and walked/shuffled across the stage to get my shiny piece of paper and now i'm apparently qualified to teach - look out world here i come!

On that note, if anyone wants to spare some prayer for a job oppourtounity or just general guidance for me in the way of future work - please do! God is faithful and he will provide!