Saturday, April 29, 2006

And here we are, ready to listen to Paula rant about usless things again. :D weeee! (sorry that was so random, but i was just thinking about the whole "Bom the Blogosphere" thing and how silly blogs are and what not....)

Anyway! Wednesday, while it wasn't a compleate sucess, or prehaps it was, was alot less stressful than i had let my fears tell me it would be. I did leak a bit at the start, but Ron came and so did Steve, and then Adam and his friend turned up and it turned out to be an alright night. (That reminds me, have to email Suart.) God is pretty faithful is making things turn out, even if they don't turn out just as you wanted or expected them to.

In other news, the first ever Small Group also happend on Sunday the 23rd of April and man it went down well! (or thats the impression i got from the night.) God really blessed us. 4 people turned up and we all ate some of my mums healthy chilli concarn stuff (Jazz and I picked out the beans ;) ). Then we looked at 1 Corinthians 5:17. For thoes who don't know the verse, it tells of how we are a new creation in Chirst, no longer our old selves, but something compleatly different. Looking at the verse, we saw how God has made us new, and how we in turn should help others to find the same newness... does that make sense? :P meh, anyway, we ended up by challanging each other to try at least one act of wittnessing during the week. Will have to see how that goes.

After small group i was sort of thinking; "we need to get a system up where i'm not the only one doing the leading." And the more i thought about this, the more i realised it was true. Everyone in our group needs to contribute, or it becomes a dictatorship. (hehehe *evil laugh* ) So i was thinking, each week we could have one person in charge of food, one person in charge of an ice breaker/fun gamey type thing and another in charge of a bible verse or something similar. Maq also suggested to me that we prehaps have some worship, eg sing a song (to a CD or with a guitar) which is deinfatly doable in our group - such talented muscians! - but I'm thinking, prehps we should start small and work our way up there. I guess for the next couple of times I'll just bring bible verses and what not, but soon after we should shift into a group contribution stage.

It was funny how Maq and I got to talking abtou Small group actucally last week, becusae we were at the regular Student Life meeting. We prayed and then rang people and then we fiddled around on his computer (which is not a Mac :P) for a bit. I think it started by me showing him and then him showing me his website (which, dispite the fact that he is a computer guy, hasn't been updated since 2003. The main component on his website is the roster for his small group (now 3 years old and very out of date). And i was thinking, me talking abotu SG here is sorta like his roster for his small group, except that only 1 perons who comes to small group reads this (i think) :P. Although i think if Ron ever did read this, he might be shocked at how little i talk here, compared with how much i talk all the rest of the time. :D hehehe. (talk being post...)

The last thing i was thinking of saying was this:

Student Life Mid Year Camp Details:

Theme: Unlocking the Jesus Code: Cutting through the controversy and Discover the real Jesus.
When: 7 - 12 July
Where: Currimundi Recreation Center (sunshine Coast)
Speaker: Keith Farmer
Elective Seminars: Unlocking the Da Vinci Code, Christians and Social Justice
Cost: 195$ (pay before end of lectures (fri 2nd July) or 210$ after that date. (take $30 off for your fees for every uni student friend no currently involved in student life that you bring to camp.)


Monday, April 24, 2006

Well due to popular demand I'm back and trying my best to type with fantastic punctuation. :P

And yet... what to type? I honestly really don't like typing things that sound like "I'm saying something important! learn from me!" becuase I'm not trying to tell you anonomus readers how to live or what to do. So dispite being considered random and abrupt sometimes, i just like to write whatever comes to mind.

I wish i could write something happy inspiring or serious, but all i am thinking about at the moment is Wednesday night. Wednesday night the bbq that was supposed to be getting the Student Life people together but is not looking like anyone is going to turn up. Trusting in God, everything will turn out ok, but right now, i just feel like there are only going to be 5 people there, i'm not going to know what to say and everyone is going to wonder why they came at all.

God give me strength to trust in You.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Humm, reading Andy's blog is always so encouraging and makes me remember things that have happened to me and wonder if i should post them so they could possibly be encouraging to other people.

Was reading Mark the other day with Steve (hehe that sounds funny) and we noticed that Jesus didn't sit around anywhere and wait for people to come to him. He didn't heal a few people, get the word to spread and then get everyone to worship him. He went out to the people. He was the Shepherd and he went out to help and heal his sheep. It says (in the gospels somewhere (definatly Mathew and John)) that people who are well have no need of a doctor, Jesus didnt come to heal the healthy people, he came to save the sinners from hell. Thats why he was out there with the outcasts of society.

i wonder how often i just let it go becuase i don't wnat to be seen with certian people. I wonder how often i let an oppourtounity to talk to soemone pass up cos I'm tried or i don't want to have to bother trying to keep a conversation going untill the other person decideds to give me something to work with. Am i here to go to chruch and wait for people to approach me? NO! I am here as part of Christ's body - to reach thoes who don't know Jesus yet!

So enough of me rambiling about that, guess im trying to inspire and challange myself. I really need a hair cut. tomorrow is Amy's last day at Donut King. :( sadness!! who will i have to close with in the future!? :( And i havn't been dancing in AGES!! like 4 weeks now!! :( only one more monday of non-dancing to go and then i can kick up my heals! woo hoo for dancing!! oh and guess what!!

I BOOKED A DRIVING LESSON!! now thats going to be scary!!

"I called,
You answered,
and You came to my rescue
and I,
I wnat to be
where You are"