Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Photos, Updates and Jeans Quilt

The moment has finally arrived! After leaving the camera at school during the holidays, i've been unable to share with the wonderful world wide web the exciting things i've been doing recently... until now!

Firstly, this is my Jeans Quilt. I cut up 2 pairs of old work pants (black and camel), 2 pairs of Jeans (Steve's and mine), the suit pants that Steve wore at our wedding (the zip broke) and a pair of cargo shorts (Steve's). Then, I sewed them all together. :D

The back is a big peice of fuzzy warm blue fleece material that I bought with my Spotlight christmas voucher (thank you Maria!). All in all, it fits a king single bed beautifully and is an excellent quilt for the couch in winter. The pockets are all still usable and are super fun!

This is my tuba! It is the tuba that I am borrowing for the Brisbane Arts Theatre 75th anniversary Gala Concert. It is a Eb, which has been challenging to learn and my breath control is not what it once was, but is very fun to play. :)

And finally....

Curtains! During the holidays I was constructive and sewed the fun material that we got at IKEA into some super fun curtains. Our room has the blue stripes (pretty basic, so we don't detract from the awesome purple wall).

The spare room has the same stripes but multi colours! (sorry for the bad photo :P)

And we were going to do the other room (currently where Sammie lives) the same, but they ran out of material, so we got ....

Spots! I was really practical and even used the cordless drill to put holes in the window frames and screwed the hooks in for the ties. The bedrooms all got their own special ties, but I was a bit over sewing by the end of the curtains and I didn't want to cut more material, so the curtains in the dining room got some recycled David Jones ribbon. :D Also, I did some fancy stuff in the kitchen. Fun curtains!

After I had finished all that, I still had some material left so I made some covers for the boxes that go under our bed for extra storage. I really like the boxes under the bed now. They look so funky! I've put all my kimono stuff in there. :D

And that is all.