Saturday, January 02, 2016

Finally: Published Again

Yes. If this were a New Years Resolution, then I'm way ahead of the game and have ticked it off two days in. I have finally published again.

It's not a New Years Resolution, just something I've had on the to-do list in the back of my head for ages. In fact, I even told you about it, six months ago now! I don't know why it was so hard to sit down and actually get it done, but somehow, most nights, when the kids were finally in bed, either something else ranked as more important or I just didn't have the brain power to pull it off.

The good news is that earlier in December after our trip to Bundy, I got to skip down to Melbourne for three days with my sisters (YAY!) and how I got there started with a six hour train ride from Bundy to Brisbane. Six hours of uninterrupted time, otherwise known as bliss. It was on this train ride that I got to get to it. Finally finished the last check ups of the stories and considered them worthy of publishing.

Hooray! These little stories are now out there for the world to read. I am well pleased. These stories are different to Just as it Should, which I published 18 months ago now. They are short stories. Think classic fairy tale type stories, and that's what you are in for. These are the stories that I love to write, because the good guys win, and everything works out just right. The cover art was done by Ellie of Taffy and Twine, who did my last cover too. She's so talented!

Anyway, I think that's enough of me babbling on. if you go to and look up Spellbinding Stories, there it is. You can get it in the Kindle store too, Yay! I've published again!