Friday, April 16, 2010

Recent life... well busy. Still busy really, such that I guess i'm just uploading photos for you all to see because I don't really feel I have the time to go into what going on with words. Maths marking is calling me.

Steve and I went to Supanova last weekend, the day after Melissa and Ron's wedding. :D Yay! Marriage! My dad took that photo outside the church. It's a bit of a classic Paula and Melissa pose I guess. :D I like it.

I went to Supanova as White Mage which was a pretty fun costume to make. I think walking around it in didn't feel like it looked as good as it does, if that makes sense. Steve's costume (Black Mage) was far harder to make, and it's a shame we don't have any photos of it ... yet! We did get our photo taken quite a bit on the day, but none of those have appeared on the intarwebs yet.

Yay for a fun White Mage costume! I'm looking forward to Supanova next time. :)

Being as these are the final days of my holiday, I decided to be creative with cooking and make an awesome cake of awesome. :D This is the result - displayed on the new cake stand that Amy got me for my birthday (good job Amy!) and served with the awesome serving thingy that Amy got me for my birthday (good job Amy!). It was a White Chocolate Gateau (there is supposed to the a accent thing above the first a).

I made 2 cakes and then put them on top of one another. :D I also initially made them square and had to cut the corners off to get round cakes that looked good on my cake stand. :D yay for left over corners. It was/is delicious :D