Monday, July 24, 2017

Supreme Shorts

During the holidays, one of the goals was to make some more clothes for Sophie. She had put on one of the skirts I made her last year (you can find them here) and I had noticed that it was looking rather short. So time for some new ones. While I was at it, I thought I would try out a new pattern that I had picked up on sale: Clover Shorts by Mouse House Creations. 

These shorts are so fancy and nice. They have loads of options when you are sewing them, and go all the way up to a size 12! Talk about a long lasting pattern. When I was considering fabric options for these, I actually read the fabric requirements on the pattern for a change, not something I usually do, but as Sophie is getting bigger, I'm noticing I need to use more material (obviously), so I was cautious.

After reading the requirements, I realised I did't have quite enough of this green train print to make the shorts. Even just looking at the basic shorts (no ruffles, or bow/sash). I really wanted to use the fabric though, because I knew Sophie would love it, just like she loved her train dress (made from the same material, just in a blue).

So I spent a good hour or so looking through my scraps, finding fabrics that could coordinate, working out if I had enough. The plan was to make the pockets out of the pink, and maybe the cuffs too, depending on how much I had. After all of my searching and planning and phone calls to my sister in Melbourne for coordination advice, when I actually laid out the pattern, I had enough of the green train material anyway!

So I decided I wouldn't waste the coordinating colour that had taken me so long to find, and make the bow/sash after all. I also stuck some pretty pink on the inside of the pockets too. Just for fun. I think it works well.

None of the buttons on the shorts work, but they look cute. The shorts have an elastic back and a flat front, which basically means that that bow will never look as pretty as in these photos ever again, because we have to undo it to get the shorts on. Oh well. These shorts are still the shiny-est thing I made for Sophie over the holidays, and I look forward to sewing more of them with the pattern.

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