Wednesday, August 17, 2016

To the Moon!: The Cardboard Rocket Ship

I know you've been holding your breath in anticipation, and I genuinely hope I haven't caused anyone to pass out while you've been waiting, but here it is! Those obscure shots I shared a few days ago, were in fact, the makings of this enormous cardboard rocket that now resides in the living room. 

I started with this large sheet, which was the same that I had used for the cardboard boat. It's super thick and durable, so I'm looking forward to it lasting a long time. I wish I had more of it, because it's such quality cardboard, but that's all there was, and unless someone I know needs to buy a new BBQ soon, I won't have any more for a long time. 

I gave the side with words on it a quick coat of paint with the leftover cream from the shop, but other than that, I didn't really do much paint this time. That sheet served as the walls, and I cut the roof and fin pieces from another big sheet of cardboard that I had, this one from the time my parents got a new outdoor table setting.

The walls cardboard already had a fold in it, so I was a little constrained as to how many sides my rocket would have. It ended up with five, one space being the door and the other four being walls. I'm glad I didn't put a door on, because that is the first thing to go, and it would have meant there was much less actual space inside the rocket. I wanted there to be enough room for all the kids without pushing.

Here it is coming together outside. That bit of cardboard at the bottom of the door never really ended up being there. I still have it, but it hasn't needed to go on yet. We took it all inside to decorate the inside of the rocket before really assembling it though. Check it out!

That photo was taken at night, I'm afraid, with some terrible lighting, but cool right!? We went to check out a place called Reverse Garbage just for fun and found a stack of stuff that I could use. And then, Steve got all excited and went through his geeky computer stuff box and found a stack of stuff we could put in too. I've got better close up photos later on in the post, but yay! Ipod, mouse, random inside of a computer thing, switches (that actually switch!), internet connection cables, radio antennae, audio cables and an old tuner. FUN!

Here is Sophie helping me decorate the outside. All of those silver foamy things were stickers we found at Reverse Garbage. They were excellent. I relocated some of the ones Sophie put on, but she did have a lot of fun doing it.

All of the joins are reinforced with pop tape from Spotlight. I got it on sale, so the colours are a bit mixed, and it wasn't a sticky as it once was, but that's what you get when buying on sale I guess.

The roof has two windows cut into it, with "glass" as well. They are dip or yogurt lids that I had saved for some purpose. I just traced them, cut the circle and then hot glued them into place. I like the way you can actually see clearly through them.

The fins are two pieces each that I glued together and then onto the sides. They were the last bits to go on. I'd like to reinforce them with some more tape, but all I've got left is pink, so I'm a little hesitant. Maybe if they start looking a bit ratty.

Needless to say, the kids have been loving it. Even that they can just go in and be in a secret place is enough for them half the time. They also love leaning out the window and saying hi. I wonder if I should put some "glass" on that window too, but it's very big, so I'd really have to look to find a piece of plastic that would be right. Meh.

Ahh! Inside close ups! Those stickers say "Service" and "Back Up". They were from Reverse Garbage too (as are all the other stickers). The switches they are next to flip on and off too.

That clip is holding on to all of the sticker backs, and it came off a lanyard Steve had for NDC in Sydney two weeks ago. The kids can pull out those cables and put them in, though it does take them a bit. The tuner is the first tuner I bought when I started playing guitar (a long long time ago!). It still works, so we put batteries in it. The kids can turn it on and when they talk at it, the lights change and flash and stuff. 

Here is Sophie checking out the mouse, which clicks and has a scrolling wheel thing. It's up there next to my old ipod, which still works, but really, was never going to be used again. The kids really have no idea what it is. There are stickers above the ipod and mouse that read: "Wet Ice", "Dry Ice" and "Perishable". The stickers on the other wall (behind her arm), read "Dry Stores" and "Stores".  

"Waste" and "Customs" stickers, another switch near the numbers there. An old Voip phone Steve found and Steve's old web cam. Cables and sockets and things. Fun. Oh, and a hook thing up the top there. I hung up some space helmets on it today though and found out it's too low and blocks the window. Bummer.

At last, Rachel, checking the sound plugs. It's only really be up and running for a day (putting it together didn't take too long actually (compared with how long some things I make take), and I'll put it down to having Steve on board with the project. So helpful is my husband. Yay for marriage!) but the kids love it. Humm, that sentence got away from me a bit there...

Anyway, the other thing I have to say is that I had to do a bit of living room reorganisation for this rocket, because once we made it, it was too big to go through the doors. So, unlike many of my other cardboard creations, I can't store it under the house when they get bored with it and bring it back out again in a few months. Since it will be here for a while, I thought I'd tidy up and actually make room for it.

If you are looking to come over, get ready to have a play in the rocket, I won't judge.

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