Thursday, September 07, 2006

Old School Lads lyrics:

"I am alone in the darkness
can you hear me now?
Are you the same
or are you different somehow?
Can you love me?

Do you know my name?
When the tears fall
are you there to feel the pain?
Can you reach me here?
Can you give me what i'm looking for,
will you take away the fear?
Can i trust you?"

The Lads

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

"We are fishes of men, not keepers of the aquarium."

This is apparently something some one said heaps at the Hillsongs conference. The speaker, Dave Inkleman (don't quote that spelling) at SNL this sunday quoted it. :) He talked about how we are the body of Christ. Something which really stuck out was that the Chruch is not acutally a building. We, the people who meet to praise God, are the church. And it dosen't matter if the building is fallingn apart or big and well equipt for sound, it matters taht the seats inside are full of people.

A beautiful church building that is empty is not a church at all.

Further Notes:

Christ's mission was to seak and save sinners, we as the Christ's body, the people who make up the church have the same mission as Christ: to seak sinners and have Jesus/God/HS to do the saving. Our focus therefore should be outwardly focused: the church building is simply a tool to help us bring people to Christ.

We as the the body of Christ have the responsibility of sewing the seeds. This means that we have to fertlize, weed, and water --> get dirty!! God is responsible for the mirical of growth, and then we, or someone else has the joy of the harvest.

Salt is useless if it is still in the salt shaker and once it is added to something it can't be taken back out!

The church is the only orginisation in the world that exists for the benifit of it's non members... or is it "the churhc is the only orginisation in the world that should exist for the benifit of it's non members"?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

"How great is our God
Sing with me
How great is our God,
And all will see
How great,
How great is our God...."

Last night at Amy's church's first youth service, they talked about who Jesus was. It's amazing sometimes that such simple truths can really be good to remember. Jesus came and lived the life of a man, but his one life has affected the lives of so many people more than anyone else. He is so extreeme that it comes down to 3 things - he is either a liar, a lunitic or a Lord. He has claims that are so amazing that you can't walk away undecided. Either you are for him or against him.

Nobody knew His secret ambition
Nobody knew His claim to fame
He broke the old rules steeped in tradition
He tore the Holy Veil away
Questioning those in powerful position
Running to those who called His name
(But) Nobody knew His secret ambition
Was to give His life away

He is most amazing, no body knew just how amazing untill he died and even today, i am continually blown away by how great my God is.