Saturday, November 17, 2012

This year, I've been reading through the bible chronologically in my quiet times. It's been really interesting and fun, although when it was June and I was still in the Old Testament, I was honestly wondering if I'd make it. That said, it's given me something to think about.

I was in the Old Testament until September. That's 9 months of getting ready for Jesus. 9 months of seeing God's people do some crazy stuff, have highs and lows, mess up and then get forgiven again. 9 months of learning just how rotten we are and just how much God loves us anyway.

Then bam - Jesus is here! He is revolution  He is intentional. He is life changing. And 6 weeks later, gone. Well, not gone, but died and risen and I'm suddenly reading all about what his followers are doing.

So time is spent waiting for Jesus, so much changes because of him and then all too soon it's over and in some ways it's up to us. What are we going to do about all this amazing Jesus?

In reflection, I have a great appreciation for God's patience with people - I mean, it was only 9 months before Jesus turned up, but in reality, it was much longer than that. I know I need to learn God's patience. While I do so though, I need to look at how things are ending this year. What am I doing about the amazing Jesus who I spent 9 months waiting to read about?

Friday, November 02, 2012

Well, it's been 9 months since I've posted and I must say I'm horrified at myself. What happened? I miss blogging. Maybe I've gotten too lazy, or my dislike of participating in facebook has lead me to think I don't want to participate in technology at all. Not true! I'm a quality digital citizen... well... maybe. In any case, today's post is super fun and I'm excited.

For the last few weeks I've been making bunting. Bunting is strips/streamers of little triangle flag things that make everything cooler, better and just generally, more fun. 2 weeks ago, I made a long string of specifically Christmas bunting, and then subsequently cut out another 200 or so triangles and made some general bunting. It's a great way to use up old, scrap material and makes everything seem like a festival.

This is now the view from our front door. There is more bunting than you can see here, but you get the idea. I had to put up 3 hooks (where the wall used to be) to hang the bunting across the living/dining/hallway area, but I just used the quality 3M hooks that will peel off one day.

You walk in, it's like a carnival. Something fun is definitely happening. You can see the difference between the normal bunting and the Christmas bunting, but both are super fun!!

This bunting is across 90% of the windows in the house (even the bedrooms have it). In the living/dining (where most of the bunting is) it moves in the breaze. It is wonderful and fun.

It will be a sad day when the bunting comes down, but the good news is, I can put it up again whenever I want! Hooray for bunting and the fun that comes along with bunting!