Monday, November 17, 2008

Friday 14/11/08 – Prac Block Day 30

Well I got my prac report from the music department. The biggest thing it tells me to watch out for is my spelling. Not really a surprise at all there. It’s fairly satisfactory though, nothing terribly outstanding about it at all. I feel like it sums up my prac fairly well.

I wonder if I could have done better at all, but I feel like a number of factors, both in and out of my control were working against me. Oh well. I wonder what Tara’s report will say, possibly much the same, I suppose.

This week has been a fairly bludge week for me, all my classes are wrapping up and having assessment, so I’ve not done much teaching. Today I helped kids move chairs from the classrooms up to the hall in preparation for tomorrow night. It’s really hot, but it keeps showering every now and then.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

05/11/08 Practicum Block Day 23

< Happy Birthday Melissa! >

I’m supposed to be in a class, but apparently the grade 11’s are doing an exam, and so there is no point in my being down there. Meh. I can’t say it’d matter either way. I don't have lessons to plan and I don’t have marking to do. Oh well.

I took grade 8 music this morning. I’ve realised I’m really boring when it comes to class introductions. I think it’s because I’m under the impression that the grade 8’s just want to do their work, and so I don't want to waste time trying to “capture them” :P Oh well. Something to work on I guess.

As far as everything goes, I defiantly feel like prac is winding down for me. The grade 8’s are finishing up their sibelius, the grade 11’s are getting ready for their performance → so my teaching is done in those classes. Next week the grade 9’s are working on their manga of their life, so it’s not like I’ll be teaching much there either.

I guess now I just have to finish well.

Friday 07-11-08 – Prac Block Day 25

It’s Friday. Yay. I feel like I’m running around trying to make sure everything is done and everything is not really done at all. And, I got my referee report from my first prac supervising teacher yesterday, who wrote lovely things, and it just makes me remember how much of a difference this prac is.

Last prac, I acted like a teacher, I taught like a teacher, I was a Paula-style teacher. This prac, I’ve been everything but and worse, when I am asked to do what I would so, I copy what other people do. I’m a fraud.

It doesn’t bode well for my future job prospects, or my final report which will be given at the end of next week. ☹

Anyway, yesterday there was a lot of running around and busyness – which was a first for Thursday; usually the slowest day of the week. I had a meeting with the prac liaison officer person who finally showed up after 5 weeks of prac. She was supposed to be here at 11, she turned up at 11:25. Sam, Karen (another prac student) and I waited in the office wasting time. Then she didn’t tell us anything new. Pretty annoying really.

And I was in the middle of making worksheets for the grade 8 music kids and other random worksheets so that Sandy could see what my literacy is like.

Today has been pretty standard. Grade 11’s were practicing. It will be interesting to see what they come up with on Monday for their performances. I unpacked all of the new headphones and sorted out the general keyboard problems. Sandy had some other filing for me to do, but I’m a bit over everything at the moment. And I need to get ready for Jap this arvo. It’s so hot, I wonder if I can find a video for them to watch… humm.

In other non prac news – I’ve finished watching pride and predjudice and I must say I prefer the BBC version to the 2005 movie version. It’s a lot more detailed, historical and has a better story line. I also like that they haven’t made as many concessions to make it more “modern” and “popular”.

Monday 10/11/08 – Prac Block Day 26

This is my last Monday. Yay. I got to mark grade 11 music students today. They were pretty phenomenal. The boys who were ripping it out on guitars came early to set up and orginised big black blocks that they could jump off and worked on their head banging and everything.

The grade 8’s are just wasting time now. I sorta wish that Sharon would come up with something for them to do, but she’s a bit like ‘they can just do this’ which I think is a waste of time. They are practicing their platitude performances. I wish there were a way I could record their piano parts to play with… hum… maybe I’ll spend tomorrow morning trying to figure that out. Oh well. The good thing about grade 8’s is that they forget things that you tell them.

I think honestly though, that their assignment was super easy. And really easy to pass too. I marked so many drafts, if the kids have been dilligant enough to fix their mistakes – they will get an A on their final. I’ve only given A’s and B’s and I’ve marked 2/3s of the class.

The grade 9’s are about to start their manga task, but I doubt they will have it done by Friday. Maybe I’m being pessimistic though. They were really annoying and unfocused today.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Monday 03-11-08 Prac Block Day 21

No matter how many lessons I take, I still never get kids and why they are in the mood they are. The teachers in the staff room blame the weather, the time of day, the food they eat. I dunno what it is, but kids are so unpredictable (except possibly with the exception of Friday afternoons last period when they want to do absolutely nothing and there is absolutely nothing I can do to change that.)

Monday again, only one week and 4 days to go. The more organised I am for my classes, the quicker the week seems to go. It’s really annoying though, when technology fails me. This happened today. I want to play a dvd, the dvd does not work *sigh * I’m glad I test these things before the class, but still. I guess it just shows me the great need for a contingency plan. At all times – have a contingency plan.

Also needed is a dictionary. Or some way of predicting the words students will use so that I can look them up before hand. As always, my greatest let down in the classroom is my spelling.

Anyway, how do I feel about teaching?

Teaching is fun. I like to do it. I am capable of doing it.

How can I improve my teaching?

By being more aware of students needs and understanding their learning difficulties. By creating lessons which are applicable to all students, rather than just some (though I don’t think I do this, it’s good to improve on).

Honestly though, after having struggled to write my 500 words of blah about why I’m going to be a teacher and what I’m doing that makes me a good teacher, I can see that coming up with stuff to say about it all and actually putting it into practice are two very different things. And I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to do everything that I say I can do, but don’t tell the teachers that :D.