Thursday, May 30, 2013

Well I was planning on going for a walk today, but then it rained. Who knows, it's clearer now so I still might go, but while I've been trapped inside, here's what I've done:

Yep, made a quilt. I didn't use any particular pattern because I was going for a "scrappy" look, so I didn't get to practice any of my new found quilting skills. I did get to cut the pieces out with my rotary blade and used a ruler to measure them though, so I suppose that's something. I sewed all of the bits into strips and then the strips together. Then I just sewed the entire thing onto an old blanket we had lying around (possibly from Steve's childhood.... hope he won't be sentimental when he finds out...).

There is something very satisfying when you look at where it all came from and know that those hours at the sewing machine were worth something after all.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

On Sunday, I managed to write off our car without even leaving the street. That deserves some recognition I think. Maybe an award for my stupidity. That'd be good.

In any case, now that we have no car I'm spending even more time making things, but generally trying to get ready for CLW, although the sewing/organizing for that is not nearly as interesting as just general sewing, despite the deadline, or maybe because of the deadline. :P 

Maybe I'll be more productive on it tomorrow, but for now, I'll continue to waste my time on fun hats for Sophie and a quilt for Cafe Church made from someone's old furniture material.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Last night's sermon by the fabulous Sean Conry was about our purpose in life.

1. Worship God
2. Help make God's Kingdom happen here and now

Pretty simple right? Anyway, one of the parables he highlighted was where Jesus compares the Kingdom of God to a mustard seed (Matthew 13:31&32), and another one where the farmers plant the seed and it just grows! This got me thinking a lot about my garden.

There are copious amounts of weeds in the garden. I feel like every time I pull some out - there are just as many next week. I don't plant them there. I don't water them and I don't do anything intentionally to help them grow. They just do. It will take an awfully long time before my weekly chipping away at the weed problem is finally solved in the garden.

And when I think about this in relation to my life, I know that I have loads of weeds growing there too. Things that I don't do intentionally and really only get watered by accident, but that grow up and choke the good things out. Like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. :P And it's going to take me a long time before I've cleared my life of these things so that other, more productive and beautiful things can grow.

Sometimes I know I'll neglect the weed maintenance of my life and I'll have so much more work to do when I get back to it, but God is good. In fact, he would not have allowed these things to crop up in my life if there were not some purpose for them. So when I am frustrated by the weeds in my real life garden, I can remember that all things work for the good of those who love God, and he has given me real life weeds to remind me to work out my spiritual life weeds.

God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.