Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Rachel is Four

 Thanks to her godfather Wade for these fabulous photos.

A very small party for our little bug lover this year, just family. Of course she wanted a snail cake, after requesting a butterfly, a lady bug and a spider. It really came down to a caterpillar and the snail, but I thought I'd save that for a party with an abundance of kids, so I can just make it out of cupcakes and then don't have to cut anything.

We have ventured into the land of pets. Rachel is now the proud owner of two female spiny leaf stick insects that she has named Rose and Twiggy. I'll do a longer post about the makings of the enclosure for them. 

Rachel had a growth spurt about a month before her birthday. Before that, she was still on the small side of three, hanging onto the cuteness of toddler-hood. But I can deny it no longer: she has grown into a big girl and has embraced turning four with excitement.

Happy Birthday sweet Rachel.

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