Friday, December 21, 2012

Just finished reading the Boleyn Inheritance, and yesterday I read book two of Game of Thrones. Two very different novels, completely different content, although I suppose you could argue they are both about royalty.... but they've left me feeling pretty depressed.

Both have a really blunt view of sex/marriage and women in general. Men control things. Men play games and use women for their own purposes. There is no triumph of honesty or goodness anywhere. No matter what the characters do in either books, the message seems to be that the only way to survive is to lie and cheat and only look out for your own interests.


I'd say this is why I write fairy tales, and why I read teenage fiction. Things turn out a lot better in those worlds. Sure it's less complicated, but at least people are fighting for the right things.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Steve and I have been married for four years now. It's still super exciting and fun. I wonder if that will ever change, but I doubt it. :P Marriage is fun! Hooray! Last weekend we went away to Boonah, which is a bit of a strange choice, but pretty much, we just wanted to go somewhere closeish that would be quiet and relaxing.

It was relaxing. We stayed at a little cottage that had creaky wood floors and cute table cloths on everything. They also gave us breakfast which was massive, eggs, bacon, sausages (fancy sausages - chicken, cheese and chives and pork), tomatoes and mushrooms (lots and lots of mushrooms). We ended up eating huge breakfasts both days and also eating the sausages for dinner as well. Delicious.

It was a bit overcast and cloudy, so Steve didn't get to look at any stars, which is a shame. Star gazing seems like a pretty hit and miss hobby to me, unlike sewing, you can do that any time. :D

Coming home, we drove by Tamborine and went on a smallish walk to some waterfalls and then had a picnic at the look out. We played Take Two and Speed and read lots. It was very fun.

Yesterday I didn't do much, just cleaned up around the house, did a load of washing, threw out some old uni stuff, read a book. Today I'm being more productive. I've written all the Christmas cards, cleaned the bedroom, watered the lawn, updated a blog and now I'm going to go do some baking. Yay!

Monday, December 03, 2012

Day one of holidays/maternity leave and I'm already running out of things to do. Admittedly  it's much harder when your feet are the size of saucepans and you are eight months pregnant, but even so. I've tidied the living room, re shelved the dvd's, cleaned out the bookshelf, taken 4 loads out to the rubbish bins, done 2 loads of washing, watched 2 movies, had 3 naps and read a half a book, and it's only 3 in the afternoon. I also watered the grass, swept the house, cleaned the toilet and ate food there as well, and people stopped by... I've done a lot. I don't feel tired, this is a restful day for me!  

Maybe tomorrow I'll start making more bunting. After tidying the bedroom, and mopping the floor.