Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This is it!!

Translations for you:

8 MT = Grade 8 Music Technology Class

.... the rest of it i'm sure you get. :D

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Lead in Day One

That's right - you read correctly! I have offically started prac!! Yesterday I got the call from the prac office and they had found me a place at Macgregor State High School. Praise God! Just when I thought that I wouldn't be able to start my prac on time, God provided a school that is close and ready for me! hooray.

I'm with the Japanese teacher predominately again, but I also went and had a chat to the music teacher and hopefully she's going to put me in somewhere. The school is big and multicultural - it's almost like a big version of the school i already do after school care at actually (especially considering i work at the primary school....), so it's pretty easy to fit in. The students range, as they do in any school, from super good to really uninterested in school. There is a huge range of curriculum as well, there are 3 languages offered (Japanese, German and Chinese) among all the other subjects.

The vice Principal was really into telling me the students here were students who were here to learn but i feel like he was only talking about half of the student population... again, it's probably the same in any school.

Anyway, all in all, in some ways i feel like it could be harder than last time (bigger classes, less apparent resources) but at the same time easier (free spare lessons!! WOAH!!) so if i take one day at a time, it will probably be ok. :)

On the way out, i ran into Katie... :D so fun! weee!!