Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I had my first ever day of supply teaching today! YAY! It feels like it was a long time in coming, but at the same time - over so fast.

I got "the call" at 7:00am this morning, asking if I could do a day of teaching Music at Holland Park Primary. I said yes. Then called Macgregor to tell them I wouldn't be coming in. That done, I spent alot of the morning agonising over the fact that I was going to have to teach today. A class (possibly many classes) that I had no idea about. SCARY!!

I was at the school extreemly early (10 past 8) where I continued to agonise over my lack of primary school music knowledge. I had a timetable - 2 grade 2 classes, 1 year 1, 2 prep classes and 3 grade 3's (that is so weird...). All these were in half hour blocks. I knew I was going to recycle things for the grades that I had multipul of, but even so - Preps! what kind of music do you teach them!?

In the end I stuck to oral activities and rhythmic dictiation type activities. The music teacher at the school is very vocal, and so almost all the classes wanted to sing the songs they had been learning - the preps even knew like 5 songs. Needless to say i've learnt a whole lot more songs now. :P I managed to work in teaching my "ohaiyou" Japanese song in.

Interestingly, my primary school brass teacher is teaching the instrumental kids at this school. It was a flash back to see him, although he hasn't changed and didn't remember me. :P Other teachers in the staff room did though, one from St Matthews - yay for church! I also met the Chaplin and the Japanese teacher. They have an exchange teacher out from Nagoya Forigen studies University (talk about small world) at the moment. Good times.

At the end of the day I was asked to come back tomorrow and Friday as well. I'm feeling like yep - I can handel teaching - although tomorrow I have to teach year 6 and 7 - and I don't know how that will go. There are no desks in the room and none of the classes I had today had books or even pencil cases. I wonder if the older grades are doing recorder too... if only the music teacher had given me instructions. :P

Yay for supply days and being a teacher. Even though i'd rather have my own classes who I know and can plan for, this will do in the mean time. :)

Monday, February 02, 2009

Now that Steve and I are married, we branched out and got this:

There is not much there, but if you go to then you will see my lovley updated efolio... that I should be working on right now.... :D
So I spoke at Sunday Nite Live yesterday, and I was going to copy and paste roughly what I said onto here, but then I thought - why give people sub-standard, when they can listen to what I acutally said online!

So, if you go here: you will be able to listen to what I said (click "Paula's Story").

That is all. Ijoudesu.