Sunday, February 26, 2006

Steve and I have been busy. recently we spent 2 days at my friends house, where we played cards and ate food and drank tea. Steve also developed a cold, and spent alot of the time lying down asleep.

When we showed My friends mum the purikura (sticker photos) and she said that steve looks like Perice Brosnon... form JAMES BOND!! hahaha cracks me up... but i guess that makes me a bond girl ;) hehehehe. incidently - did another Bond movie recnelty come out? Steve and i saw a sign yesterday.... how did i not know abotu this!!??

moving on... the rest of this post is a copied and pasted email to my father. becuase he likes to email me when im away and considering i tell him most things, and i cant be bothered retype it all - i thought id stick the email here.

Hello Father Dearest

yesterday Steve and i slept in and then watched MI2 and then went into tokyo. we went up tokyo tower, which i am never going up again on a saturday beacuse japanese families seem to think a fun day out is going to tokyo tower and hence it was packed as. Steve and i went all the way up, and though there were only a few clouds and the sun was shining though, we didnt see fuji san :(

then we went to akihabara. Your dearest daughter walked all over that place in search for the trian shop for you and didnt give up untill she had found it - be gratefull! Steve and I got all your train stuff no worries and i got you a little somethign extra that i hope you will like. :) all up it was 26409 Yen.

After that we went to Harajuku - mums favirote place i believe - and ate a creape :) then we met Regan for dinner at Shinjuku - which was packed as. it was so cool to see regan, he was top stuff. we took purikuru - siticker photos!! and then went to karaoke. karaoke was fun as. I caught the last train home to Fusa and okaasan picked me up from there.

humm meat pies... havent had one of thoes for a while. the japanese food is SO good! last night we had katsudon and beore that i had okunomiyaki!! YUM!!

No luck with the rain, it was clear yesterday and today its comming down. well not so bad, but there are alot of clouds which makes fuji san pointless. Steve still wants to go cos all he wants to do is see the snow, but the rest of us are like... um... no. :) we are probably goign to go next saturday.

Steve is alot better, we are going shopping today with Okaasan and michiko. hopefully i will find some yukatta material. Kiyose`s mum rang Sanki (japanese lincraft) for me and said that they have some, so hopefully we will find it!

ouch! fiona sounds like shes going to be run down before uni starts! i hope shes getting over time. please tell her i say hi!

I havent had a chance to give happy a walk yet. maybe today. every morning she joins me for breakfast, we have bread. Happy likes plain bread, i like bread with butter. :)

the bad news about School on monday is that Steve cant come, but he said hes going to cruise around kashiwa instead, so its all good. silly school... japanese ppl, they are either super orginised or compleatly disorginsied. it is really confusing.

anyway id better go. its almost 11 and i think okaasan and i are picking up steve and Michiko to go shopping in about a half hour. BYE!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

ahh well, i try my best. :)

today was a hot 14 degrees and the sun was out and shining. very nice day really. we traind out to kamakura, which is like the beach up here in tokyo and then walked around for ages, saw a big buddah and then walked around some more. in the afternoon, we went to yokohama and walked some more. it was alot of walking and now, my feet are sore. my homestay mum was most unimpressed that we didnt really eat lunch, i should really try lying to her, becuase she gets very worried hwen i say things like `oh we had an ice cream...` hehehe.

michiko thinks i have lost weight (along with eveyrone else here) and wants to feed me japanese food to recitify the situation. at this rate they arent going to let me back on the plane :P

*sigh* i had so much more to writ,e but ive already said alot of this stuff like 3 times and i dont wnat ot repeate myself :P ahh i`ve got intorvertedness!! save me!!

anyway htings are good, im tried and im looking forward to the sleep in tomorrow before we go to kiyosez`s house for a sleep over :) love you lots!

Monday, February 20, 2006

update 2 : i am steve`s poor dyslexic girlfriend.... *sigh* i`m ok with that. :)

today we went to asakusa and it was cold and raining but despite the fact that my jeans ended up with 30cm of water in the bottom, we had a great time. asakusa is one of my fav places in japan! so many memories. (i can`t believe how well we can type like this, ridiculous as it is...)

steve is amazed by the efficientness of everything here. i am feeling at home but he is still taking everything in for the first time.

tomorrow we will go to narita and we hope melissa is impressed by the, so far, daily updates (on this blog anyway) :)

love you all!!!!
Hello wonderful Australians!!


woo hoo!! plane flight was ok. saw just like heaven and Zoro 2 which both had japanese dubbing and during Zoro 2 i got a headache form continually translating. ;P otherwise ok flight. got a bit high on sugar. :D

got to the airport in japan and my homestay parents had mixed up the times... so we waited 3 hours for them. but its all good, im home now. happy is happy.

tomorrow we go to asakusa (hopefully) with regan :)

for now, its 11:30 japan time and im tried so goodnight!

Friday, February 17, 2006

woo hoo, no more donut king for at least 2 weeks!! yeah!!

incidently when i was working my last shift and patrice was doing the worst job of closing ever, the song "Forever Young" kept coming on the raido, and i dotn mind that in the slightest becuase i like that song, but it made me think, becuase the lyrics were "I dont want to live forever... forever young, i want to be forever young"

and that to me is a bit depressing, becuase yeah i dont want to live forever here, id rather live in heaven with God whre i can have the perfect relationship with him! but also, if i were forever young... then id never get any closer to God.... like... the way i see it, the older i get - the closer i get to Christ. the more i grow up, the more i become like Him. and who doesnt wnat that?

So bring on 20 and 2 happy birthday to me, another year over another year closer to really going home.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

humm, i didnt realise people checked my blog so often, and now i feel bad that i dont update very often. sorry guys!

at the moment it is a humid tuesday morning in the fantastic city of brisvagas, my dad has just fixed my draw, i have to go to work in 3 hours and hotmail is refusing to attach anything. i took maiko dancing last night. she is here for a mth, but i leave to go to Japan in 5 days! that is probably the most exciting thing in my life at the moment. i cant believe ill soon be in japan.

Josh is telling me that in my song, the chorus doesnt start where i think it does... how bizzar, i think i woudl know - i wrote the song!! :P anyway i went on a student life camp last week and it was very cool. i think everyone shoudl go join studnet life. its a cool group to be in.

Amy and i went shopping yestserday. i guess ive been meaning to for a while, but Amy got me while i was impressionable and i ended up shopping for 4 hours and now my hair is purple. ... its interesting. im over it already. glad its only 8 washes. i have to go to work today, and thursday. so i think ill clean my room and pack on friday! yeah!! packing!!

btw, happy single persons day!