Thursday, May 07, 2009

I got the contract.

As of Monday, I am offically the Japanese teacher at Victoria Point Primary School.

A part of me is like: "Yay! No more phone calls from TRACER at 6 in the morning!" and a part of me is like: "Really? Woah...". The final part of me says: "I need HELP! So much planning! Behaviour Mangament! How do I start?! Where do I start?!"

But this is what i'm trained for. This is what i worked 4 long years at uni for. This is what i want to do. So bring it on. :) Even if the Grade sevens are ferals. Even if I lose my voice in the first term. (even if the contract is only for a term because one of the Deputy's doesnt' think I can do it :P)

Bring it on.