Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Just thought to myself, maybe I should do tags or labels or something on these posts so that when people want to see all of my quilting posts (for example) they just push a button and there they all are.

Then I thought: I've no idea how to do that.

Cafe Church Quilt Collection

Another quilt bites the dust!

That's three quilts now for Cafe Church. I am loving that they are using up all of that rubbish arm-chair fabric that was donated (no offence to the person who donated, it's just yucky to sew with). Finished the pink-backed-squarey one this morning. Managed to somehow break four needles on the last little bit. Anyone would think I was sewing through wood or aluminium or something.

But they are done, looking fun and ready for Cafe Church this Sunday night! Exciting! Now to sweep the house and put Sally the sewing machine away for a few days. :D

Friday, July 19, 2013

Little Things

This is what I've been working on. I say working on, what I mean is, what I've done in the last two days. It's not all I've done, but it's the prettiest and most photoable. :) The skirt is a place mat that cost $1 from Ikea. We are pretty big spenders around here. It's the first time I've ever done chain stitch, and I think it turned out rather well. Whole skirt only took about 15 to 20 mins. Hooray!

The fox on the overalls is felt. I think he needs a smile, but he's a bit cute and jazzes up the overalls quite nicely.

I also finished another quilt for Cafe Church, out of the donated fabrics (mostly arm-chair fabric which was yucky to sew with. :P). I just pieced the top and then sewed it to a blanket that was donated as well. I was going to practice quilting on it, but then thought, nah. I still have two blankets to go, so there is plenty of time for that. Besides, given that it's thick yucky arm-chair fabric, it would be crazy times to try to sew over again now that there is a thick woolen blanket on the back as well. 

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

So I just put the photos from the camera onto the computer and it turns out that a lot has happened in the last few weeks. Or a lot that I took photos of in any case. :P And given that there are photos, it must be post-worthy right?

Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

So good friends of mine are having a baby soon and had decided to do a "Gender Reveal" party to find out just what type of human they were having. I was privileged enough to get to make the cake which meant that I was the only one (aside from the doctors of course) who knew what they were having! 

I, of course, second guessed myself before and after making the cake, but I think it turned out pretty nicely. I also like the matching cupcakes.

Turns out it was a boy. I guessed right!

Christian Life Week was not at all what I expected, apart from exhausting and fun. I am so glad that we went and were able to serve the leaders and kids during the week. Sophie enjoyed being adored by so many people all at once, although she was a little clingy. I feel she was a valued member of the crew because she was able to make people smile all the time for no reason what-so-ever. 

Here she is with her dad, standing on an S. 

Today and yesterday I have been busy catching up on my quilting (in between the numerous loads of washing). I had no idea I'd done so many squares, but given that we are over half way through the year it does make sense. 

I've yet to put the background bits into the star, but I'm getting there. I'm putting it off because I can't quite decide what color it should be.

The most complicated one so far has been the "Tumbling Blocks" (blue cubes, top left corner) which was this month's challenge. All through sewing them (and cutting them out for that matter) I agonized over what was happening, possibly more so than ever before because I knew that this block is one Steve would like, given the mathematical-shapey-illusion it has about it. Did I choose the right colors? Did I cut the shapes accurately enough? Should I watch the tutorial video again when Sophie is not distracting me? 

Thankfully from a distance, it turned out fine and I do love the color choices. Don't look too closely though, you'll start to notice the numerous flaws. Here is Sophie "helping" me lay out the quilt squares. 

At church on Sunday, Pastor Matt talked about using our gifts to serve others, based on 1 Peter 4. We often think that we will only serve God in the way we enjoy or feel called, such as studying his word, or helping third world country people, but actually, we are called to use the gifts God gives us for his glory, and one of the biggest gifts God has given us is that of salvation, so our very salvation should be used for God's glory here on earth, in the service of others, without grumbling! Humm... this was a very long sentence. Did it make sense? I'm not sure. 

Have a great day!