Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Count down for Christian Life Week is on; less than a week to go. I'm pretty pumped, but also strangely nervous. Maybe that's not the right word.... humm. I'm realizing more and more that I'm not good with kids and I often look down on the faith of the young (thanks God for teaching me that right before I go on a camp with 60 kids... is this what you call perfect timing?).

Will everything be ok? Will Sophie need more attention than usual? Will she continue sleeping through the night or will she wake up and disturb the girls in the dorm? Will I have time for the kids, or will I put tasks first? Will I be warm enough?

So many wonderful questions running around my head. What a great chance to trust in God and learn from this time. I feel that the world tells me I'm all grown up now (house, car, husband (yay!), baby, job, etc) and God just wants to remind me that I've still got a long long long way to go. I'm still just a toddler to Him.

So here's to learning more about God and myself on the week to come. Yay!

On another completely different but somewhat related note, here is a front-wards picture of the "CREW" dress I made for Sophie out of the LYQ (Lutheran Youth of Queensland) shirt. Sophie is ready to be apart of the team! First time ever for me sewing T-shirt material. It's a little different, but basically the same.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Welcome to my Washing Wonderland. That's right people, after six days in Sydney and coming back to a cloudy-rainy Brisbane, the dining room is now taken over by temporary clotheslines in the hopes that they will be effective enough that I don't have to go out and buy more clothes for Sophie. 

Steve comes home and says to me: "With rainy days, who needs bunting?" I think he'll find that everyone needs a bit of bunting in their lives, rainy days or no. :P

Anyway, glad to be back in Brisbane, no matter how dismal the weather may be. Strangely enough, after sleeping five nights straight in a different place each night with no troubles at all, last night, back in her real bed, Sophie woke up several times with no real explanation at all. A couple of times I got up to check on her, adjust the covers and what not, but there were also a couple of times I just let her cry for a bit and then head back into dream land. Unfortunately, though I didn't get out of bed, I was still awake. Today I'm all achey and I've got a migraine. :(

I made bread today for the first time. It is relatively easy, just a little time consuming what with waiting for it to rise just to beat it down again. I didn't want to have to go shopping with no car, though I'm sure I'd survive if I just went. Still, it was raining and grey, no one wants to be out in that, least of all me. Maybe tomorrow will be sunnier, and more productive. :)