Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sewing Slump: Things That Did Not Work Out

After the epic output of the ABC Book, I am officially in a sewing slump. I need to make something that is not going to take six weeks and countless hours, but even finding the energy to sew something small is taking it out of me.

I think part of the problem is that during the sewing of the ABC Book, I did also sewed some little things (like these skirts) and some bear PJ's and stary dinosaur shorts for Sophie (sorry, unblogged). Which were lovely little stints into success. But I also sewed some things that did not really work out.

Firstly was this overall pinafore type dress for Sophie.

I dug through the stash and found red denim which was really cool. I think mum made Fiona a skirt out of it about ten years ago. I used an overalls pattern from Ikat Bag (long live my favourite blogger!), with the adaptation for girls,

It was all coming together fabulously, when I realised that I'd cut the denim with the stretch in the wrong direction. And that I should really do the top stitching on the front, despite the fact that I'd already sewn the sides together. And then ran out of thread on the bobbin, or the other place thread comes from and couldn't be bothered to get more sorted out.

Then I held it up against Sophie and thought it looked too big anyway, so what's the point? Sigh. When I got it out again for these photos, I remembered how much I loved the material (and that cute cloud print on the lining!) and how great it will look once it's finished. It's only got a little bit of top stitching, a hem and some buttons to go. Surely I can do it. Maybe.

Anyway, the other thing I recently made was a pattern from a friend of mine who blogs over at Twenty-first Century Lady, and has started releasing patterns for babies at RP Original. I bought her Pin-Tucked dress pattern and added a centimetre to it to size it up for Sophie.

Unfortunately, it turned out too big for Sophie, so again, she can't wear it. I was tempted to try making another one (without the extra cm), but I'm feeling rather low about sewing Sophie dresses after two fails.

I know she'll grow into them, so it's not a complete waste, but she needs dresses now! And I need to sew something now! Sigh. Pray that the sewing slump is over soon.

In the mean time, I think I'll do some handyman outside crafting with wood and hammer and nails. Maybe even a saw too. Hopefully that will make me feel productive enough again to get me back to Sally.

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