Thursday, April 21, 2011

The wall is finished!

This is just the overview for you all - It's kind of the thing that you have to look at for a long time and some of it you are never going to get anyway. I have to say that I was very influenced by Jimmy Needham's amazing lyrics while I did this. Also, sorry about the spelling mistake (if you can find it). It's very Paula to have it there though. Colour choice was simply because that's the paint we had lying around. I think it's funky and cool. :D Glad it's done.

Here are some close ups -

My tribute to the long hours spent playing Plants Vs Zombies this holidays. :) Good times. Great Zen Garden.

Oddly enough, this is a Viking ship with a Zerg emblem on the sail....

Rapunzel's Tower... Tangled... Do I need to say more?

Doctor Who... If only the TARDIS would park in our living room....