Thursday, November 08, 2018


Goodbye house as we know it. The builders are coming to change you forever. 

Goodbye amazing expanse of lawn. I hope what's left of you post-renovation is still green and wonderful.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Shorts. So Many Shorts.

With the change of the seasons and subsequent clean out of the children's wardrobes, I have noticed several gaps in their clothing that needed filling. So obviously, I filled the need. At the time, I didn't realize how many shorts I was making, but now I see, oh so clearly. 

The first set of shorts were just Sycamore Shorts in various sizes. Hugo was lucky enough to score a pair too, which I made from an old shirt of Steve's. I had been planning to make a dress for Rachel, but in the end couldn't be bothered to figure out how to do it, and shorts was easier. 

I kept the buttons (just sewed the seam down so they don't open) and added some left over tie (from Sophie's Dress) on the other. They look pretty groovy, and seem to be comfortable for Hugo too.

The girls got shorts too. Sophie one pair, and Rachel two. I used left over blue material from Rachel's Lillie Dress and some stars material for the first pair. Given that Rachel pretty much loves dresses (every day), I knew these shorts wouldn't get much wear unless they looked like a skirt.


And I was right about the wearing factor. She does like them though. Only when dresses are not an option of course.

The two other shorts were made with some material from Steve's Aunty Sue in Sydney. Free fabric! Is there anything better?

To make them more fun, I let the girls choose iron on patches. Sophie choose the koala, and Rachel the giraffe below. Rachel also got a pocket with the very last of the blue material. Another ploy to get her to wear them. Having a pocket to stash anything she collects is a definite bonus for her.

 Now the fancy shorts! This time, Sophie gets two, and Rachel gets one. Sort of.

These are all made from the Clover Shorts Pattern, which makes for some really shiny shorts. Pockets, cuffs, flat front waist band. So beautiful. They are also made with a very mixed collection of material. You might even noticed that blue spot material has been used to make Clover Shorts before.

The colour match is not great, but I had just enough of that unicorn fabric left over from Sophie's Library Bag to make the front and pockets from. I did have other material that was a better colour match, but I went with the blue spot because it was the same weight, or kind of material, which is apparently important?

The other unicorn fabric I got on sale at spotlight with the star material, and they go together marvelously well. The blue floral stuff was in the the material from Aunty Sue, and that colour matched so well. Perfection!

Rachel's shorts were the star material with some of the pink-orange stuff from Aunty Sue. Unfortunately for Rachel, when she put them on, they fit, but were a little tight to get on and off, so she actually ended up with no Clover Shorts. I gave them to another little girl.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Lillie Costume

Rachel wears dresses. Every day. Always dresses. I do not understand how a girl who loves to climb, get dirty and find bugs can think that a dress is the best thing to wear, but she does. Every day. So it is no surprise that she chose Lillie for her Halloween costume: because Lillie wears a dress. 

Lillie (Anime) - Pokemon Sun and Moon by PkLucario
Image from PkLucario at Deviant Art
©2017-2018 PkLucario
Now I may have taken some liberties with this costume. Rachel already has a white dress that she loves. And it already has scallops. Why make an entirely new white dress when she already has one? I know it's a different style, but given that she'll grow out of it, I just couldn't justify it. So I just did some blue scallops and sewed them onto the lining to peek out from under the dress. 

And it's pretty perfect really.

I thought about adding some more of the blue detail that Lillie has on her dress, but to be honest, I can't really be bothered. I'll put a blue ribbon on my hat for her. That will do.

Rachel is delighted with this, because the White Dress which I was previously very strict about when she could wear, is now the Lillie Dress and I'm less strict about when she can wear it. I don't have any photos of her in it because she is too excited when she gets to wear it and won't stand still.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Lana Costume

Sophie has had a large affection for the Pokémon Popplio for quite some time now, so when I suggested trainer costumes from the Alola Region, she was quick to pick Lana. 

Lana (Anime) - Pokemon Sun and Moon by PkLucario
Image from PkLucario at Deviant Art
©2017-2018 PkLucario
Lana has a lot of water Pokémon, and thus, a very blue, sailor themed outfit. The parts were pretty easy to make (one of the reasons I was strongly suggesting it). I even remembered to take a progress shot! I used the classic Sycamore Shorts and just lengthened them. 

For the sailor shirt, I just used a white T-shirt that we had and added the bib part. We did have a few discussions about blue hair, but thus far, no real decision has been reached.

She's super excited to have a Lana costume.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Living Vicariously Through My Children

There is limited opportunity for adults to dress up in costumes. This is pretty disappointing to say the least. So I'm officially living through my children as I encourage them to dress up any time it might be appropriate. Thus, I have already started making costumes for the girls to wear to our street Halloween party.

Even as I write this though, I'm wondering what my stance on Halloween should be. It's not a typically Australian tradition, nor is it particularly encouraged in Christian circles. To be honest, I don't even know where it came from or what it's really about. Australia seems to be jumping on board with "scary" Halloween, but everything I see from American or European bloggers that I follow has a focus much more on family activities, and fun. Costumes aren't all scary, they are just costumes. Sure, you can be a witch, but you can just as easily be a bunny, or fairy.

Given how much of a global village the world is these days, and how multicultural Australia is, I don't actually have a problem with adopting other culture's celebrations. We celebrate Chinese New Year, why not Halloween? I actually see it as a really cool way to get to know the neighbors more, and build the community in our street.

Anyway, inhibitions about Halloween aside, I'm looking forward to the fun and the costumes. I'm thinking of getting something non-edible to hand out. Maybe stickers? In the mean time, the girls costumes are underway. After all of the Pokemon they have been watching, I may have strongly suggested some trainers from the Alola region episodes. Can you guess who they chose?

Image result
Alola Friends: Lillie, Mallow and Lana

Thursday, September 27, 2018


I did have grand plans for an informative and interesting last post in September, but it's the 27th now, and I'm running out of time. The last four days I've been travelling with the girls to Bundaberg and back again, and tomorrow, we are away again camping with friends at Mt Tambourine until Monday. Which takes us all the way into October. 

But I think this photo of Sophie at the beach sums up how I'm feeling. Enjoying the moment, taking in the beauty of God's creation, being hopeful for the future when the water will be warm enough to get in. 

God is good.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Kindy Shorts

Hugo starts kindy next year, so obviously I wanted him to have something cool to wear to kindy, just like the girls had. I had just enough material for a pair of shorts from the coloring in material that I'd gotten from Ikea.

It has made three dresses (see Sophie's, Sonia's and Rachel's), and was used in the Table Tent, and now all that remains are some scraps. Goodbye fabulous material. I hope I can find something similar again in the future, because wearing something you've colored yourself, is a pretty special feeling.

Anyway, because there was such little material left, it was a bit of creative cutting to get the shorts out; some of the pattern is upside down, I'll admit. And I accidentally cut one piece out facing the wrong way, so I had to trace everything through the material and color it a second time. Luckily, these are going to get trashed at kindy anyway, so it really doesn't matter.

And I don't think you can really tell. They just look fun to me. Crazy, but fun.