Thursday, February 08, 2007

Man I love hanging out with people who love God just as much as me. Needless to say, camp was awesome!! I woke up thinking - Yeah! camp is finally here!! - on Monday and i was not wrong. Camp was there and it was fantastic!! Following Steve up proved he had a strange obsession with going around round about a few too many times, and after a short, but scary moment where everyone in my car appreciated their assurance of salvation, we made it up to camp.

Not really needing to be there at 10 in the morning, most of Monday was spent having free time. :D the morning was filled with some quality jam sessions with me on Piano, Elizabeth on flube and Kris on Guitar, with random people singing in the back ground. After we tired of this, Elizabeth and I went to "town" and picked up some fish and chips for everyone.

By the time we finished lunch, Jasmine's car full of girls arrived and we played games untill about 2:00 when it was free time at QUT camp, so we wandered down to vist some people. We played volleyball for a bit, I had a chat with Jim (man he's a wise guy :)), we were invited to afternoon tea and then we headed back up to chill out some more. During this chill out, the power went off (which included the pumps that gave us water) and i had to drive to "town" again to pick some up. On the way back - the power came back on :P

At 6 we wandered down to the LINC camp where we were having dinner and our final campers arrived. The 2 americans were in mourning as their team had lost the superbowl. That night after dinner, we played a number of funky games (Rachel has an endless supply of them!!) including the snort game, the wah game and the story game. :D

During this whole time, we ate huge amounts of chocolate and sugar and ended up not going to be untill rather late. Nathaniel got eaten alive by mozzies and text emily at 3 am telling her he hated this place. Rachel put in a vote for a "bug free" campsite next year :P i keep telling her that while she's in Australia - there is no such place :D

The rest of camp (sorry melissa i'm loosing detail) was just as much fun. Ross's talks on Vision and Evanglisim were really insitful. Ross has the nickname "Reverend Ross" becuase he spent a year as an intern just following his pastor around, thinking about becoming a preist. Our training on Surveys and sharing the KGP (which inspired this moment) went fantasticlly, as did our planning for 0-week. I really feel like i have a great team this year ready for us to share the excitement of God on campus.

Memorable moments included:
Falling out of bed on the first night. on the way down i smacked my chin dead onto the chair beside the bed (i was on the bottom bunk) before my knees hit the floor. Elizabeth woke up and asked if i was ok. by that time i was kneeling on the floor still trying to decide.

Ross putting Abby's pen up his nose, and when we noticed Abby saying "that's my pen!" but when Ross tried to give it back to her, the quick correction to "that WAS my pen"

The endless number of Cups and chocolate wrappers that were left around as we spent our days binging on tea and chocolate. (humm chocolate!)

Fun moments included:
Playing Marfia untill unGodly hours of the night, trying to convince Nathaniel that he shouldn't kill me becuase i was the Cop and Emily being a cold marfia for the 4th time in the row.

Abby doing kungfu streaches at 6:30 in the morning while Jazz and i ate "before breakfast" sinckers. (hummm chocolate)

Singing Happy birthday to Nathaneil while he was still in bed on Tuesday morning. Suprising him at morning tea with a cake, eating all but one peice which was left for Steve (the maker of the cake) which Nathaniel promptly forgot and ate 2 hours later.

Edgar doing a great job of vaccuming the whole place we made a mess of, and the amazing way we all cleaned it up so well.

Bring on 2007 at Griffith!! we are ready to take the campsus for Christ!!