Thursday, May 28, 2015


Prologue and three chapters done! Yay! I love writing. Thank you children for all having a sleep today so I could get that third chapter done and the other two smoothed out slightly. 

I know I still have heaps to go (not to mention that once it's actually written I'll have a stack of editing to do,) but I love writing, so I don't care. This is fun! 

Thanks for bearing with me while I spend most of my free time writing things that you can't read yet. You guys are amazing. :D 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Radio Silence

Things might be quiet for a while here, not only because I'm looking after three kids under three (yikes!) but also because I'm busy writing again. It is exciting and feels wonderful to be working on a new story. Hopefully it won't take too long to get done.

In the mean time, you could always go read my other book, Just as it Should (that's right, I've officially self promoted, Steve should be glad.)

That's really all I have to say. Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Paula's Outing

This is Paula. Paula lives in a house which has a lovely backyard.

One day, Paula decided to go and spend some time in the backyard.

"Can I come too?" said Sophie.
"Yes," Paula said, "as long as you use the toilet first."

"Will you take me?" asked Rachel.
"Yes, but you'll have to wear your shoes."

"May I come along, Aunty Paula?" said Hugo.
"Of course," Paula replied, "provided you're not too tired."

For a while, they all enjoyed being outside in the lovely backyard. But then, Sophie needed to use the toilet, but refused to go inside, Rachel took off her shoes, and was bitten by an ant, and Hugo fell asleep in the swing.

Then, Paula, Sophie, Rachel and Hugo all went back inside the house together.

"Don't worry," said Paula, "we'll try to play outside in the lovely backyard another day."

Thank you to Mr Gumpy's Outing by John Burningham for providing the foundation for this story, and Sophie, Rachel and Hugo for the inspiration. 

Sunday, May 03, 2015


Powerful words tonight from Tom Schmidt at church. I was really engaged for his talk.

Firstly, Tom asked us to think about what we do with our time. What is the thing that we are spending the most of our time on. Work, study, church, etc. He then asked us to think about what is the thing that our mind spends most of our time on. I found this rather fascinating, because the point is that I can spend a huge amount of time at work, but actually, my mind is only there a portion of that time.

The third thing he asked us was to think about what is the thing that our hearts spend the most amount of time on. This was a bit of a strange concept, but it made sense none the less. What are the things that grip me, or concern me. What are the things that I delight in, or experience heart break over?

Finally he asked us what do we do when we are at rest. What are we doing when our heart, mind and body are coming to relax. Is it drinking tea? Or going to a special place? What do we do to come back to the centre and realign everything.

We read a passage from John 15, in which Jesus talks about the vine and the branches (John 15:1-17). Actually, Jesus talks about a lot of things in this one passage. It kind of leaves you wondering where it's all going. What Tom highlighted for us though, was the word "remain".

This word appears eleven times in this passage. Remain. I looked it up in my fancy definition of the original word thing that comes with my phone.

Remain, abide: to tarry, to not depart a place, to be held, to continue, to endure, to remain as one, to wait.

Jesus is inviting us, asking us, telling us, that the best thing for us to do, is to remain with him. The challenge for us, for me, is do I believe that? Do I believe that the best use of my time is to abide with Jesus? We live in a culture that says if we are not switched on, or constantly consuming than we are somehow wasting our time. It is hard for us, in this day in age, to remain with Jesus. To simply switch off, and be with him.

I found this to be so true. Currently, even if I have five minutes to myself, I find I have to grab my phone and check the updates, the statuses, the RSS feeds. I find it so difficult to simply rest. Yet this is what I need to do. To remain, to wait, to trust that Jesus has what I need.

Something else I found rather striking about this was the fact that our heart, mind and body are connected in it. It's hard to try to turn off one, let alone all three but it is becoming increasingly apparent to me that in fact, our physical body is related to and connected with our spiritual health. Sure I can sit down and try to think about God, but if my body is not in a position that is ready to let everything else go, then it's no wonder that my mind is filled with distractions and diversions.

I feel compelled this week to be grappling with this. To be turning it over in my mind and wrestling with it in my heart. I want to dwell on this thought. To remain in Jesus. In his presence is where I want to be.