Sunday, May 20, 2018

Baby Quilts

When I told the girls that two of their aunts, both of on Steve's sisters, were pregnant, they were pretty excited, but it was hard for them to get interested in things like baby wipes and laundry detergent, which are my go to presents for baby showers. I can't go past them though, boring they may be, practical they are. 

Anyway, I knew the girls wanted to give something too, so I thought of a way to include them and make something extra special for the babies. I was lucky enough to be at Spotlight when they had a sale and picked up some nice panel fabric to use. Wanting to keep it simple to feature and highlight the kids contributions, I just grabbed a matching colour for the back. 

Then I used some plain fabric I had at home, cut some squares and had our girls as well as their cousins (Steve's brothers three kids) each draw on two of the squares. At first, the kids were a little confused as to why their crazy mum/aunt was getting them to do this, but I think they appreciated the end product. 

Sophie and Rachel helped me to sew it all together. I just pieced the kids coloured squares with some extra monkey fabric that I had, and then sewed that into the back colour. After that, sandwiched the batting in, quilted it in sections (to match the kids panels) and then bound it all up. 

I think it's really special that their new cousins will get to have these quilts. I think there is something so lovely about seeing kids drawings in a practical way that will last for a long time. It's a real snapshot in time. I hope the babies that these are for get some good use of these and know that their cousins who live in Brisbane love them too. 

Now that these quilts have been given, I'm finally able to post about them! (Remember I was sewing them back in March?) Here are five excited cousins ready to give their special present to a mum to be.

And here they are with each of the mum's to be. It was special for all the kids to be there, and they were all so proud of their gift. Yay!

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Melissa Kee Tin said...

That's a really neat idea for the kids to get in on! Great work!