Monday, January 16, 2006

Watching the Pride and Predjudice trailer, i noticed that Jane Austin is refred to as "the Beloved Author" which got me thinking... was she really that great? the thing is, we refer to her as the beloved author because we love her books, so we feel we must love her. that she has created books that we love makes us feel that she must have been a splendid person.

it leads me to the question if we love the creation - do we always love the creator? and if we dont; why not?

The world we live in is God's creation. Every person, ever plant, every breath you take is God. how is it that so many people can live in this creation, but not see the beauty and hence the glory of the Creator? how is it that so many people take for granted so much of this world and trash so much of this world when all it is is beautiful creation?

is it possible to love the creation but not the creator?

this question just makes me feel we are all walking around with our eyes closed, so we dont see...