Friday, May 11, 2018

Different Boxes

I used a different lunch box each day this week. Or at least, if you count not using a lunch box at all on Tuesday I did. The girls had a banana and a yogurt for morning tea at playgroup - no need to box that!

You will really have to forgive the photos this time. I'm in the midst of a technology glitch, where my phone died and I'm using a very old phone while we wait for a new phone to arrive. I wish we weren't so dependant on technology, but there you have it.

Wednesday: Frog boxes. Strawberries, raspberries, boiled egg, grape tomatoes, broccoli with mayo for dipping and popcorn. Yum!

Thursday: Bento boxes. More popcorn and left over crackers, apples, grape tomatoes and cucumber flowers, rice with egg. I feel like I'm doing my Japanese/Asian indoctrination right when they would prefer rice in their lunch to a Vegemite sandwich. Am I un-Australian?

Friday: Yumbox. Sushi (leftovers from the night before dinner), broccoli and grape tomatoes, apple. Sophie got extra apple and olives with a tub of yogurt on the side, while Rachel had yogurt and passion fruit in the box. 

It's been a good week for lunches.

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