Friday, January 06, 2017


I'm on a roll here! Look how many posts I've done, and we are not even a whole week into the new year! Actually, so many of these things are backlogs from before Christmas. Ops. I'm really getting to them now because they are my "it's kind of work, but not the horrible Tafe work I should be doing" excuse for work. Oh well. Get ready for a laugh today!

For Christmas, the girls were lucky enough to receive some vouchers for a toy store from some Sydney family. Exciting stuff.

Steve and I took a walk through the store (sans kids) to have a see what we might get for them. A sea-saw for the back yard stood out as something I knew they'd love, but we still had half of the money left and no real idea what to spend it on.

We did a back and forth for a few days until Steve finally suggested that we just throw caution to the winds and let the girls get something. They are only young once right? Though almost all of me was protesting (would they get something long lasting, educational and with many different play options, creativity or imagination?), I relented. Why not? Steve also suggested that he would be the one to take the girls to the shop to get the toys, so I would be getting a few hours of kid-free time in the mix as well. That was definitely a bonus.

So Steve takes the girls shopping. They love the idea of the sea-saw, so that is good. What will they bring back? I wonder as I clean the house in blissful quiet. I was honestly dreading what I thought for sure would show up: something plastic, pink, girly and useless.

Boy was I wrong.

On their return, Sophie leaps through the door brandishing a huge plastic shark, as long as one of her legs from hip to toe. Rachel is close behind, swinging around her a, also ridiculously long, black snake, with yellow and red markings.

"Look at what we got!" they exclaim gleefully.

I almost died of laughter. I have two girls, who, when given the option of any toy they want, come back with a shark and a snake. It gets better, because the animal stuff at the shop was 40% off, which meant they also had money to buy a large box of dinosaurs. That's right, dinosaurs.

I can say that if I had been the one in the shop with them, I would have talked them out of the snake and the shark in favour of an even larger box of dinosaurs, but as it was, Steve ran with it and this is what we have: a shark and a snake, admittedly kind of useless and assuredly plastic, and a great memory for two parents who let them have it. Steve did tell me that they walked past a row of dolls, and Sophie looked at an Elsa doll halfheartedly and commented: "I've got one like that already."

For the record they have been playing with said shark and snake. Each animals tends to bite someone, then gets put outside while the girls proceed to play doctor to the injured patient. Good times.

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