Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Christmas Dress

Some things about childhood stick with you, and one of them, for me, is Christmas dresses. Every year mum would make my sisters and I a special Christmas dress to wear. Call me sentimental, but it was a highlight, getting a new dress to wear, and it was something I wanted to be able to do with my daughters. 

Of course, my Mum is still around, so I'm in competition with her to actually make the dresses. Especially when she makes them in August (because Mum and Dad travel so much and she didn't want to run out of time come December). It's ok though, the year before last (2015) mum made the Christmas dresses and I made Christmas skirts to compliment things. Here is a photo of Sophie wearing her Christmas dress and skirt at the same time as she decorated the tree.


Last year (sounds so strange saying that when it was only a week ago!), I was really busy, so I wasn't sure I'd get around to making them, but Mum was super organised and did make the girls dresses early. Unfortunately, Sophie didn't grow quite as expected, so even though Rachel's fit perfectly, Sophie's was too big and ended up with no Christmas dress.

While Rachel had a plethora of Christmas attire (new dress (pictured above), hand me down dress and skirt, as well as other red and white dresses that could pass), Sophie had none. At first, I did just put her in one of Rachel's, but it was really not right. A dress had to be made.

Using scraps of Christmas dresses from years past, I pulled together this dress. It's actually the same pattern as my Crib Companions Dress, and the dress I made for Rachel's Birthday. So easy to sew. This one looks different because I colour blocked the front part. It looks cool, but the real reason was that I was using scraps. 

Actually, the dress is really scrappy, even if you can't tell. The front is red with little gold presents, while the back is red with little gold stars. I did have a band on the bottom as well, because when I originally made it I thought it would be too short for her, but it made her look like she was wearing a potato sack, albeit a shiny red and gold potato sack.

Thankfully Mum came to the rescue and ripped it off for me and added that sweet little lacy bit. Perfect. Mum also put the green buttons on, because I hate doing button holes and generally make a huge mess of it.

Christmas dress success!

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