Saturday, October 10, 2015

Week One

I've been embracing being back at work this week. I know that my attitude always affects the kids, so I feel like if I am positive about having four kids then things are going to be much smoother. And they have been, so this is good.

Part of this has included lots of baking with Sophie. On Friday, we made something that was worth a post. Sophie calls this the Flower Cake. 

It's actually just a sponge with some icing and jam in it, but the part that replicated the picture from the book (Sophie wanted to make a Rose Gateau, which we were missing several ingredients for) was the petals on the top. They are marshmallows cut and dipped into hundreds and thousands.

It was incredibly hard to get a photo of Sophie with this cake. She was too busy licking the icing and begging me to cut her a slice. 

Fun times. 

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