Tuesday, October 20, 2015

It's an ABC Book

Here it is. Well, here is a photo of all the completed pages, waiting to be sewn into a book. I originally thought I'd make it for Sophie for Christmas, but I've noticed that she's really into letter recognition of late, so I thought I'd better not miss it while she's excited about it and put the fast forward on sewing it. (Can you find here the sneaky clue photos came from? Click here, here and here to refresh your memory.)

I'll do a detailed post, with better photos, soon. It came together on Sunday, so it is actually finished now, which is a great relief. Sophie loves to look at it, which is even better. I was hand sewing so much over the last few weeks that I actually pinched nerves in my shoulders. Maybe too much sewing is bad for me.... Nah!

Now, before anyone wants to compliment me and say something along the lines of: "Wow, you should sell these," can I just say that it would not be worth it. Sure I made this one with lots of left over material (in fact the pages were an old bed sheet that I cut up (around the random orange stains that were on it)), so there wasn't a lot of cost involved in materials, but if I were to buy alphabet material and all the other associated things to make this book to sell, that would be a huge output.

Not to mention the time that goes into it. I've been sewing for five or six hours a week for the last six weeks. And I've had my Mum helping. Even if I were to say my time is worth something as little as $10 an hour, I'd be wanting to charge $300 just on my time alone. It's nice to think I could make money off things like this, but the reality is, you really can't.

I do know, however, that what I've done for a little girl (and other little children who will also be using this book) who I love very much, won't go wasted. It's worth it to know that she will turn these pages every week for quite a while. That she will remember that Mum made her this book. That it might even last her childhood and be given to her own kids. There is no way I could buy that.

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Melissa Ordoñez said...

Well said. Looks great too. :)