Monday, October 26, 2015

Slump Over?

The very afternoon I wrote that last post about being in a sewing slump, I went to a friends place with the kids. This friend gave me a pair of pyjama pants that could be made into whatever. Instantly I knew - matching skirts for our little girls!

Went home that night and sewed up two of these babies.

Pretty simple, thought they are not as gathered as I would have liked, but I was being pretty lazy about it all. Just cut the legs of the PJ's off, doubled it and sewed. After making them I wished there had been enough material to do circle skirts, given the poodle nature of the pattern. I like the two layer thing. Sophie loves hers, and it was nice to do a quick sew.

Maybe the slump is over, but I'm still feeling lazy about sewing, so we will see.

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