Thursday, July 09, 2015

Life in Progress

It has been a long few weeks. Busy. Hectic even. Sleep deprived, and at the same time, catching up on sleep (is there a word for that?). But I guess it's time for updates.

We had Rachel's party, and then some surprise family visitors from Bundy, then another party, (which we set up for outside, then it started to rain, so we had to set up for inside as well), then some more surprise family visitors from Bundy, then my Mum's 60th party, which had loads of extra family up to hang with as well. One night, Steve got home at ten to six and I was asleep on the couch by six. It was even an effort eating dinner at eight before I went to bed.

I punched about 700 circles out of cardboard to sew into bunting for Mum's party (had to ask Steve if he thought I had done enough, and he did some maths and worked out that I had about 65 metres of bunting, which I figured was enough). It looked amazing on the night, so it was worth the effort. Bunting always does though, right?

I've been looking after the kids (as always), though I've been without Hugo for a week and a half now, thanks to school holidays. And it really feels like a holiday. Two kids, so easy! Sophie and I have been continuing to grow things. The pumpkin seeds have taken off and been transplanted. Despite Rachel's best attempts at pulling them up and eating them each day, they are growing steadily. Hooray!

Sophie is now more happy about the idea of dress ups, so I've made a Cinderella dress for her. Pretty excited about it, so I might give it it's own post. YAY!

Another really exciting update is that I've gotten my act together with publishing my next book. It's taken me a while. Just to clarify, this isn't the one I just wrote and finished a few weeks ago. This next one is a compilation of three short stories (fairy tales) that I had written a few years ago. I've only just gotten my act together with uploading it all to Amazon now. So hopefully I'll have another exciting publication post soon too. (Well now I have to do it soon, because you all know about it. :P)

Anyway, I'd better get off here and go write some thank-you cards for Rachel's presents. Then I can cross another thing off the to-do list.

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