Saturday, July 11, 2015

Doll House

We live in a lovely street where we happen to know most of the neighbours. It's been a real blessing. Last week, our neighbours from across the road gifted us with a doll house. Their daughter is a little old for it and they thought our girls could use it.

Sophie was so delighted to see it, and Rachel was pretty happy too. They have spent a considerable amount of time putting things in and out and opening the doors and windows. It's the new thing. But of course, it needed a few extras. I had been planning to finish the Cinderella dress that afternoon while Rachel slept, but instead I found myself sewing with Sophie.

She picked out the material and sat on my lap while I showed her how to keep her fingers away from the needle. We sewed the mattress for the bed and she helped to stuff it. Then we sewed two "blankets" for the dolls and a pillow. Sophie loves to tuck in the dolls. Rachel likes to throw it all out onto the floor.

Even though I'm really task oriented and sometimes interruptions like this can drive me a bit nuts, I found that I was happy to put aside my planned sewing for some quality time with Sophie. The thing is, I love her, and I want her to grow up to be a strong, capable young woman. I want to invest in her, to teach her things. I'd also really like it if the things that I love, she also loved (so the fact that she wanted to sew "like mum" was a bonus).

Even though it was an interruption and put my plans back, the time that I took picking material, sewing with her and helping her afterwards was valuable. It was worth while. It was important. Maybe knowing this is what means I've made motherhood my career choice right now. I want to spend my time and effort investing in these kids.

I'm praying that what I'm leaving them with is more than just sewing though, that it's a life time with Jesus. It's a pretty big deal when I look at it that way, but God always gives us what we need by his Spirit. I know I wouldn't be able to do it any other way.

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