Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Day Before One

The day before Rachel turned one, I took the girls (Hugo was having a day with his dad) to the park. It was a lovely day. We did all the usual things that you do at a park. Rachel did all the usual things a baby does at a park - like eat dirt.

I made the girls delicious food for lunch, in the form of a bento. Grapes with flower cucumber, corn puffs, ham, tomato slices, more cucumber flowers, carrot sticks and cauliflower hunks (both slightly cooked) with Japanese mayo. They also had yoghurt squeezies, just in case.

I even ate some of this, when they got bored. Actually, I also had to hide some of the containers when it became apparent that they were intent on eating all of the grapes and corn puff first, to the exclusion of the other food.

This was the first time that I put mayo in for the carrots and cauliflower to be dipped into prior to eating (it's a very Japanese thing (although usually with broccoli, but whatever)). Don't know that I'll do that again, because the first thing Rachel did was stick her whole hand in it to find out what it was. And then not eat it at all.

It occurs to me as I look at these photos that now I have two little girls, not a little girl and a baby. And I'm ok with that.

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