Sunday, June 14, 2015

Party Prep

It's been very nearly the last thing on my mind of late, but Rachel actually turns one in a week and a half. Yikes! First birthdays are always a bit of a mystery to me. I mean, on one hand this is their first birthday! WOW! And also, you, as parents, have survived that first year. Wow again right? But on the other, they aren't really going to remember it, they don't really have their own friends at the stage and if I'm honest, I'm more worried about surviving their teenage years than that first year of baby-ness. 

Anyway, despite all of these things, we did send out invites to all the family and by the time you've done that you've got sixty people invited. And you think you are going to have to do this megga party and have loads of activities and things for people to do and it's just going to be crazy chaos. But then, you only get twenty RSVPs, so it's not such a big deal after all. In fact, it's more like a casual afternoon tea than a party. 

Hence why I haven't bothered to think about it, until it occurred to me on Friday that it's seven days away. And I haven't even thought about what food I might serve these people yet. So I did a think and the first thing I thought I'd better do would be to organise what Rachel will be wearing. Priorities right? She's got a drawer full of dresses though, and other clothes, so even I can't rationalise making an entirely new outfit for her to wear, birthday or no. 

So I did this instead. 

Yep, I put a monkey face on the seat of her pants. 

She's going to look so cute crawling and walking all over the lawn with that cute monkey-faced-butt swishing about. Talk about awesome. And I can sit back and feel relieved. I've done something for this party/casual afternoon tea. Who cares if no one gets fed there, the birthday girl is going to look so funky. 

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