Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bunnings Beginnings

Thanks to the rainy weather we've been having, I had cause to rack my brain thinking of fun indoor places to take the kids to for entertainment. On my to do list was a trip to Bunnings and I thankfully remembered that they have a great play area for the kids too. Right next to the cafe. Well played Bunnings, well played.
Anyway, so off I trot to Bunnings with three kids in tow, and while I couldn't find what I was looking for, I did have a wander down the seeds isle and pick up a few packs. I'd seen this idea for growing seedlings on the internet somewhere, and thought I'd give it a go. (Despite it being winter.)

So Sophie got to help plant the first lot of seedlings, and thus, they were some quick growing Cress, which is good for kids because you can't do too much wrong, the grow fast and you can eat them afterwards. We have had a lot of fun watching these grow and because Sophie has been involved, it's made me much more diligent about watering them, checking they are in the sun etc. Maybe I should get her to help me with all the gardening...

We had some for lunch today, the girls had theirs in their salad, and I had mine in my soup. Delicious! I've replanted Sophie's to a bigger pot, and planted in some pumpkin seeds that I hope will turn into pumpkins. Exciting!

You may be wondering if I am in fact procrastinating any party/casual afternoon tea preparation for Saturday, and I'd say you are probably right. I still haven't even cooked anything. I've written a rough list of what food we will be serving though. That's almost the same right?

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