Saturday, August 11, 2018

The Latest

Sewed another dress. I feel bad that the majority of my posts are updates on things I have been sewing. Sorry people.

I do like this dress though. Mum and Dad bought the material back from one of their travels; I think it was maybe intended to be a table cloth. I didn't take a photo of the fabric (of course), but I had to think about how to cut it out to be a dress, because the darker color was only a section of the fabric, and I didn't know what to do with it at first.

Thankfully Mum gave me the advice to use it as a bodice, and the way I cut the sleeves, the color kind of merges in, to help make it all come together.

I fully lined the bodice (first time for this self-made pattern dress) and, of course, put in pockets. I also did a gathered skirt for the first time, which I like, but I think it makes the front bodice sit a little too high, so I'll have to fix that if I do a gathered skirt again.

Sophie took this photo for me (below). I think that back panel is my favorite part.

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