Sunday, March 04, 2018

Skirt Sewing

Sophie had a minor break down last week when she wanted to wear a skirt to kindy and found she had no kindy skirts this year. Usually, she gets her kindy clothes from ordinary clothes that have been worn too much, painted, stained etc, that I deem them to be kindy clothes. Alas, all her current skirts were still beautiful and clean. 

Given how easy skirts are to make, I promised to make her a couple. With pockets of course.

I had the material in my stash from a friend who kindly donated it to my sewing cause (I've actually sewn heaps with her material, but seem to have only blogged about it here and here, both skirts. And both times I used the yellow piping. Strange coincidences). Sophie picked it out, and thankfully the two prints were similar enough that I could use the left overs for pockets on the other. I put some of the final bits of yellow piping I got from Reverse Garbage around one set, but didn't bother with the other.

They are a little long on, but will last all year this way. I did suggest that one should be for kindy and the other not for kindy, just to make it last a little longer, and Sophie did comply. Here she is wearing it at swimming. I was taking the opportunity to photograph the skirt when Mia decided she should get in on the photo action.

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