Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Disco Costumes

The girls went to their first kindy disco last week, and the theme was "We can be Heroes". While they have a plethora of Cinderella type dresses (here and here) and fairy skirts (here), they were lacking in hero type costumes. 

So I showed the girls a range of generic super hero costume photos and asked who they wanted to go as. Sophie chose hers based on which costume was the shiniest. It was Wonder Woman. 

I did make some adjustments to the style, because it was for a five year old, but I kept all the classic elements and I feel that she is an excellent generic Wonder Woman.

The shirt was just $2.50 from Big W and I just cut the sleeves off. The skirt was some leftover stuff from the stash and some new tulle from Spotlight that worked out to be about $5. I had the yellow left over in the stash, which was fortunate. The headpiece is just pinned onto a headband that we already had, which made it really easy for her to wear it.

Rachel chose her costume on which one had the most blue. Her favourite colour. She is Captain America.

Again, I had to do some costume adjustments, to make it appropriate, but we were all happy with the results. Same deal for the shirt and skirt, so another costume that cost $7.50. Winning! I spray painted the star on, and the mask used to be butterfly shaped, but I sprayed that and cut it to shape too. I had the white and red material in the stash as well.

All in all, some successful costumes I think. The girls were really excited about their poses, can you tell?

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