Thursday, February 22, 2018

Lunchboxes for Two

Rachel officially began kindy this year, so even though I've been making her lunches in lunchboxes last year, here are are lunchboxes that go elsewhere and are eaten without me around at all.

Kindy day one: sushi. It was the request of both girls that they have sushi for the first day. These are egg and avocado, in the lunchbox with some grape tomatoes, carrot, capsicum and cumber sticks, grapes and soy chips. 

Day two: so vibrant and healthy still! Wraps with cream cheese and ham, grapes, cucumber, carrot and capsicum sticks, grape tomatoes and watermelon. Already I can see the familiar go-to items of the lunchboxes making their appearances.

Hooray! A change of pace today. Pasta with cherry tomatoes, ham and parmesan. Apple pieces and corn puffs. I made this lunch the night before and it was waiting in the fridge in the morning.

Side by side lunches, because I have two kindy girls. It's a whirl wind of children growing up, that suddenly they are at kindy, and before you know it, the year is gone and then they are at school. And then they are gone. Soon to happen to me I suppose. The days are long, but the years are so so short.

Anyway, back to the lunches. Cream cheese and ham sandwiches, boiled egg, pepitas, grape tomatoes and cucumber sticks and corn puffs. Rachel has grapes in the orange-print reusable lunch pouch and Sophie has a pear.

What madness is this? A different lunch box!? You saw it first people, sometimes I use different lunch boxes. This was for a playgroup day actually, so I did see them eat it. Carrots (cooked), ham, grape tomatoes, ramen noodles. Cornpuffs, crasins and apricots. 

Planning ahead, I made some mini quiches and put them in the freezer. Although it takes up a lot of space in my tiny freezer, it does make lunches easy to throw together. Same old same old for everything else. I remember last year lamenting about what I would do when grapes and grape tomatoes are out of season. I find I am again wondering the same thing.

Wraps again, cornpuffs, blueberry yoghurt, olive, grape tomoatoes, hiding under the cucumber flowers. See I'm changing up the cucumber sticks with cucumber flowers!

Are these lunchboxes self expliantory? I don't feel I need to talk about the next one at all.

These next two lunches are an example of what happens when Brisbane has a heat wave and it's too hot to organise any kind of nutrition in lunches in the morning. You put leftover dinner in one lunchbox: pizza that Rachel didn't eat the night before, along with anything else you can find that doesn't require any effort. Grape tomatoes (lunchbox lifesaver!), popcorn, marshmallow, choc chip biscuits.

Sophie ate her pizza for dinner, so she got some store bought Vegemite and cheese scrolls. Since she doesn't like the choc chip biscuits, I gave her marshmallows. And olives. Most terrible lunch ever. I would not recommend this as a regular lunchbox option, but for a once off, it was really hot and I couldn't be bothered but at least the kids are fed, it's pretty well perfect.

We had burgers for dinner one night, so again, I used some leftovers. The breadroll has avocado and cheese on it. Then some tomato and the meat patty, because I know they will just be taken off and eaten separately anyway. Olives, carrot and capsicum sticks. Popcorn.

Another leftovers for lunch kind of bento here. We had spaghetti and meatballs, so I saved some of the pasta and meatballs for the girls lunches. Didn't bother with the actual pasta sauce but just used tomato sauce for them to dip into. Added grape tomatoes, pear, cucumber and capsicum.

The frozen quiches make another appearance here, along with ham and salami, grape tomatoes, cucumber flowers, corn puffs, passion fruit (from my parents vine) and some apple. Rachel is smashing the passion fruit, and Sophie wanted to try it, but didn't end up eating it.

Salami and cream cheese sandwiches, cucumber flowers and grape tomatoes, peach, apple and passion fruit. This is Rachel's lunchbox. Sophie had olives where the passion fruit is in hers. They also had a pack of corn puffs because they were going on a kindy excursion to the park and I knew they'd be extra hungry.

And that's half a term done. Sophie has been asking for Totoro shaped onigiri (like the one in this post) for the last week, so maybe that will be tomorrow's lunch. We will see.

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