Thursday, February 01, 2018

Sophie's Birthday 2018

Being true to my word, I am here to document Sophie's 5th Birthday happenings. This year, because we had only just got home from the Big Travels, Sophie did not get a full blown birthday party. She did of course get cakes though!

I made some little pokémon cupcakes for the day of her actual birthday, where we spent time with friends. I took this photo very quickly before the kids reached in to grab their cupcakes.  

Then, on the weekend, we just had family over for afternoon tea, which consisted of a fruit platter, a bowl of popcorn and cake. I figured that was enough and also that way, people would eat the rather enormous cake and we wouldn't have copious amounts of leftovers.

Again, this is a rather terrible photo, but it's the only one I have. I saw how to make this unicorn cake on the internet somewhere. It's simply a rectangle cake that you cut and rearrange. Unfortunately I managed to snap mine in half when I was transferring it to the cutting board, so it's a little out of proportion, but it worked none the less. It took a while to ice, because of the fondant, but I wasn't going to risk butter icing that would melt in the Australian summer heat. I think the feathers as the mane and tail were pretty fabulous.

Sophie was only a little disappointed that she didn't get to help with the icing, because we ran out of time during the day and I had to do it while she was asleep at night. Oh well.

Now she's five. Next year she'll need two hands to show how old she is.

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