Thursday, August 03, 2017

Snapshots of my Day

Hugo and Rachel are painting at the table, sitting on the big stool and the frog stool. Suddenly, painting is over and the seats that they had been sitting on became cars and rockets. Rachel turned hers upside down and designated different legs to have buttons on them. 

Rachel: "This one is for an emergency, and so is this one. So if there is an emergency, then we push it."
Hugo: "But your engine isn't broomming."
Rachel: "Yeah, so I push this button to blast off."
Hugo: "We are going to the moon! I'll get in my car."
Rachel: "No, I'm going to the zoo."

After a while, they decided they needed to pack things for their trip, leading to the emptying of toys into their cars. Rachel gave Mia a collection of blocks to play with as she sat watching on the couch. 

Rachel: "Here Mia. We can take turns."
Mia: "Ohhhh."
Hugo: "What are you doing?"
Rachel: "We are taking turns. You can have this one."
Hugo: "Ok. Thanks."
Rachel: "There you go Mia."
Hugo: "I have to go now in my car."
Rachel: "Ok, but I can't come, because I'm playing with Mia."
Mia, offering Rachel a block: "Uhoh.."
Rachel: "Oh thanks Mia."
Hugo, tipping all his toys out. "I'm trying to find my milk."
Rachel: "Hugo, I've found my milk."
Hugo: "Oh, I'm looking for my milk."
Rachel: "Hugo, you left it here."
Hugo: "No, I put it in my car..."
Rachel: "No, you left it here and I gave it to Mia. Now you can have this one."

Later on, Hugo has a moment to himself. 

"These koalas are watching me swimming. I'm swimming. I'm swimming to you! I'm a snapping crocodile! Mia is in the water too. She is swimming. I swim here. Then I go in these. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Now I'm going to do this. Woah! Splash! Your dinosaur has to eat, ok?" 

Hugo hands me a giraffe. 

"Aunty Paula, do you mean a horn? This is a horn. See? BEEP! Two horns! Ahhh!! We need.... we need.... nahn nop pee... ahhh....Bagh!! This book! This book is upside down. Graph baph broom broom."

And possibly my favourite moment from having five children in the car. Sophie and Hadley are in the back, while Mia, Rachel and Hugo are in the middle. We are driving to kindy. 

Hadley: "Woah, when Paula goes this way, I go that way."
Sophie: "That's inertia."
Hadley: "What?"
Sophie: "When your body goes that way, when the car goes that way, that's called inertia."

So proud. 

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