Thursday, August 17, 2017


I don't know quite what made me think of it, but for some reason, I was talking to the girls about when Rachel was born. Somehow the conversation turned to when Sophie tried to steal Rachel's blanket as a baby, which made me think of this Owl Rug. 

I have lots of photos of Rachel on it as a baby, because it was made for her by a long term family friend, and she was a baby, so she spent lots of time lying around on things. We were coming home from a kindy pick up discussing it and I mentioned that maybe we could get the Owl Rug out and take some photos with it to see how Rachel had grown. 

Well, the girls were all over it. They loved the idea of checking how big they were now compared to when they were babies and the idea of recreating the photos. Especially the blanket thief photo (above).

So here are a set of photos recreating events from three years ago. Rachel as a baby, probably about three months old and Rachel now, just over three years old.

I know the lighting is all wrong, the now photos are taken in the afternoon, rather than the morning like the originals, but the girls were so excited about it that they just wouldn't be put off. They didn't want to delay at all.

They are both so much bigger than Brown Bear now!!  How did it happen?! Actually, in this photo, Rachel is only about four days old. Sophie is nearly 18 months.

We were originally just going to recreate these ones of Rachel, but then Sophie really wanted to do one of her blanket too. This is her original blanket from Aunty Sarah.

Sophie was too excited to stop smiling, and it's really natural for her to suck her thumb now too. Her baby photo must have been before four months, which was about the time she started sucking her thumb. The blanket doesn't lay flat anymore either, because the dark red colour wool shrank in the wash and pulls now. That's why Sophie has a second blanket from Aunty Sarah. Seriously, the girl is in blanket heaven with all her blankets.

Here are some extra fun shots we did as well. I still don't know why it was so funny for them, but they really loved this.

Sophie is laying on her quilt, which was put together by my mum, but each square was done by someone at the baby shower I had before Sophie was born. It has so many special memories. Rachel has one too (pictured above and below), and I blogged about it here when it happened too.

After I showed the girls what the photos looked like on the computer next to their comparisons, Rachel asked why she wasn't wrapped up like she is in the photo with Sophie and Brown Bear. I did explain that when she was little we wrapped her up to help her keep warm, feel safe and go to sleep, and that now she didn't need to be wrapped up. Also, that she was now, in fact, too big to be swaddled, but she was really keen on being true to the recreation.

So I dug out one of the two swaddles that I still have (just in case someone with a baby comes round), and wrapped her up.

She thought it was so hilarious and in fact, it was so hilarious we couldn't be serious enough to take the recreation photo anyway. But this photo is fabulous just the same.

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