Sunday, July 23, 2017

Fly Away Dress

Despite trying to say no to people who want to give me fabric, I did say yes to a couple of bags a few months ago. I've no idea where my friend got them from, but there was some quality vintage fabric there. Some of it still pinned to the newspaper pattern, and when we checked the newspaper, it was from the 60's. Specifically Bundaberg in the 60's. They were still using pounds, shillings and pence! 

Anyway, given some of the fabric was a bit sixties, I wanted to make it into a dress that would pay tribute to the 60's somehow, and yet still be cool and fashionable. Luckily, I read way too many sewing blogs and had seen Coffee and Thread's Eleena Dress pattern pop up round abouts. It was pretty perfect for what I had in mind. 

I showed it to Mum, but wasn't going to get the pattern for a while. I had a stack of material so I was in no rush. Then Mum found some other material that she'd bought somewhere along the line that she thought would be perfect for the dress pattern. One thing leads to another and I'm suddenly making a dress a lot sooner than I thought. 

It's pretty lovely, but I think I would put a collar on it next time. I'm certainly planning on putting a collar on when I use the 60's material that's for sure. These photos don't do the fabric justice, because it's really pretty with those little butterflies fluttering around on it. That's why I did the flutter sleeves actually.

Sophie's not super into it, because it's not "twirly" enough. Still, she has worn it once, and I made a size five, so there is room to grow.

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