Friday, September 16, 2016

Sewing Catch Up: The Final Skirt

Not sure why I'm really bothering with this skirt, but I made it and the other two (here and here) at the same time, so it seems a shame to leave it out.

This one was made from some pyjama pants that were again gifted to me for re-purposing. No pockets or fun piping on these. Just cut a rectangle and then sewing in some elastic. Easy.

I was trying to involve Sophie a little more in the photographing processes and asked her to do a number of different things. She had fun, but most of the photos are pretty terrible.

The last thing I asked her to do, was pretend to be asleep, which lasted for about a second, but at least I managed a good shot of the skirt. Kinda. :)

Anyway, if this post was a little boring for you, come back soon, because I'll have an exciting update on the recently made bunting!

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