Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Pink Flowers Bunting

This bunting came about when a friend of mine asked to borrow some bunting for her little girl's 1st birthday. They've used my bunting before, so they knew I had plenty on hand, but happened to mention it was pink/flowers themed, so whatever I had that matched that would be great. I know that what bunting I do have would have been fine (this stuff I think would have easily suited), but I was suddenly inspired to make some more, especially for the party.

300 triangles later and we were sewing! (You've seen what 300 triangles looks like here.) Rachel was my eager helper at the sewing machine.

I used lots of material I already had. In fact, I didn't buy anything for this bunting! Steve was again delighted that I was using up some of the material stash. Again, I reflect that much of my material comes from donated sources, and am truly thankful.

The light floral on the left and the purple in the middle are from the same friend who donated skirt material (recently seen here and here), while both of the stripes were from a lady at church I know through prayer. The pinky colour in the middle was actually a curtain that was donated to me ages and ages ago (three years!) from I've no idea who, and the yellow floral strip at the top (that was the binding/string for the bunting) was from the same place. The only material I had bought (half price, from Scarafs at Indooroopilly) was the orange floral on the right. Very pretty.

And here is 30 metres of bunting sitting nicely ready to go to a party.

Photo courtesy of Jenn Pan

I wish I'd gotten better shots of it up at the party, but this was all I've got! Too carried away with the partying I guess. It was a beautiful day and, I like to think, the bunting really made things fantastic. The birthday girl got to keep some of the bunting as part of her present, and I know it's up in her room now.

Photo courtesy of R. Ho Photography

And my friend used scraps to make some bunting for the cake too. Let there be bunting everywhere!

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