Thursday, September 08, 2016

More Catching Up

Here's another skirt that I made Sophie a while ago but hadn't blogged about yet (blogged about the first one here). I think maybe I didn't blog about it because it's kind of a brown-y colour, and Sophie really doesn't have much that will match it/go with it in the way of tops. But she wore it last week, so I took some photos.

 This is the best photo of Sophie by herself. She was very excited about the skirt having pockets that she could hide treasure in. That yellow material draped around her shoulders in the next photo was the treasure she's intently pulling out here.

And as always, Hugo and Rachel wanting to get in on the photo action. No one likes to be left out here. Anyway, the skirt is just a rectangle with some cool fully lined huge pockets on, that have the yellow piping from Reverse Garbage all the way around, for some extra coolness.

The material was a freebie from another sewing friend who wasn't going to use it. So nice to have generous sewing friends and I feel truly blessed by it.

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